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Offering Light and Hindu Culture

Offering Light and Hindu Culture

314. Offering Light and Hindu Culture
Photo By: Sangesh Shrestha
Posted Date: 24th December

This Picture was taken at Maru Ganesh, Kathamndu. As a Hindu, every Tuesday people visit the nearest Ganesh Temple and offer lights and pray the lord. This temple is one of the popular destinations for the devotee of lord ganesh.
In this Picture a young lady was offering the light.

0 thoughts on “Offering Light and Hindu Culture

  1. ko hola khoi kunni tara he is always to help ppl to take good snaps and good description for their snap
    shutterbug if u happen to come across me then please intruduce u r self, as u know my name 😛

  2. Ko ho la, Any strong finding so far or not? I am wondering about your mission of ‘exposing’ Shutterbug. Coz I am equally eager to know him, who is a good photographer and perfect photo commentator here in EU. Let me know if you have got him.

  3. Ya Shutterbug is good Photographer but I don’t find his pictures as impressive as his write ups. Please take it as a fare comment. I think he could be a Photography teacher or something like that coz Shaw rightly said, those who can, do; those who can’t teach.

  4. hahaha If he really wanted to reveal his real identity the why would he have used the nick SHUTTERBUG:)
    we learner wants exposer so we use real name, i think in future i too need to use a Alias name 🙂
    what you say?
    What i heard is shutterbug is really a good Photographer. hahah may be we have met him or seen hin in several ocassion. hope one day we will meet him as a shutterbug some where soon 🙂

  5. It would be better than best if we could know who the Shutterbug actually is… 🙂 Ki kaso Shutterbug ji…

  6. Dear Sangesh, Without a doubt 50mm f1.8 is a very good lens, keep using it. And feel free to ask me anything regd. Photography. Will be happy to share experience and experties I have and help you to learn more.

  7. Thank You shutter bug and samir

    yeah, i surely did wait for 5 min to take a picture from opposite side, but… u know how rush is taht place at evening, hard to get a angel:)
    and from the side i took this pic, it was not that rush, i tried my best to get the shot. Actually i had 50mm lens, and i was there to test my lens how better it will work on low light.
    Any way guys thanks for your suggestion and will keep it in mind from next time .
    and shutterbug , i really appriciate your comments and the ideas you share.

  8. “ANOTHER PERSON CAN ONLY SUGGEST, YOU n YOUR LONLINESS” make the final decision. At least one should be able to describe/ elaborate how,why,when the picture was taken. Dat is all.

    Sangesh, you sould listen and go through all viewer’s comment. But there is no doubt your work is very appreciable. Had you shown the lady’s hands engaged in the lights, it would have proven its’ theme in the picture.

    Whatsoever, we people have our own level of thinking, creativity & education. That makes us think different in perspective as you found different comments for your picture.

    I show my thumb-up for your STABLE shot.

  9. Perspective of this picture would be undoubtedly better from opposite side, because viewers can see the task she is engrossed at. Including what she is doing could make this picture richer because there would be more information to help the viewer understand what’s going on and to create a ‘story’.

    It’s a ‘candid’ shot and temples are public places so there no need to feel sorry for publishing picture of people that has no intention of sabotaging their individualism. Learn to ignore unconstructive comments and remember those anonymous comments are reflection of the society they live in.

  10. Yestai HO , i was just worried if people will start just some more offensive words. I don’t know who she is, I just love to capture people on the streets. May be i am also wrong here to capture people with out their knowledge.

    Thank YOu for making us clear what you really ment. 🙂

  11. Admin and Sangesh, my apology if my comments have come out as offesnsive to you all. You can delete them. I was just trying to be little humorous. I respect privacy and but thought that to compliment somone as “beautiful and cute” was not a bad idea. My sentences were little raw.

    Dear “anti Yestai Ho” – wow you can bark. You know words, good for you. I am sorry that you took my comments as an attack to ‘sisterhood.” Please forgive me.


    tyesari nepali didbahini harulai aankha laune ho moro?

    I never said i was good… even not perfect to be bad also.

  13. I think i should not have posted this picture. Felt like i am doing advertising of this lady.
    Sorry lady if you happen to see thi snap forgive me.
    I just wanted to show how young people of nepal are still religious.

  14. and the lady is still unmarried! She is ready for a permanet wed-lock. Wish her all thee best. she is newari lady and works full time.

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