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NRNs – Group of Nepalese with Mid-life Crises?

Hundreds on Nepalese who have spent almost half of their life abroad and who have been suffering from severe mid-life as well ass identity crises are these days meeting in Kathmandu valley. Most of these fellow Nepalese left Nepal early in their life and managed to reach a success point (only by their own definition) in the foreign land. Most of them have house or two in a foreign country, kids at colleges and some fund for investment. At mid-stage of life, they need one thing which they do not get in the foreign country. That is, recognition. No one in their neighborhood knows them and no one address them as “Ram Sir,” “Ravi Sir,” “Shiva Jee,” and “Gita madam.” A few millions they earned by hard work or by luck have not been big enough. They are neither Desh Deshpande from Sycamore nor Luxmi Mittal from Mittal Steel. These Nepalese are now back in their homeland seeking media coverage and proximity with corrupt politicians who can be bought sometime merely by a bottle of black label Scotch whisky.

NRNs contributions to Nepal have been next to nothing to date. The leader of the group, Upendra Mahato, who allegedly earned several millions by doing some export/import between with Western Europe and Russia right after Soviet break-ups, has brought no innovative ideas to Nepal. These traders, who are likes of Mahato, are just jumping on the bandwagon – investing on over-crowded financial institutions, small to mid-size hydro-power projects and buying real estate in Kathmandu valley. Nepal does not need them if all they bring is some money to buy real-estate and zero idea. Nepalese in Nepal have enough money! We do not have entrepreneurial leaders who can start new risky ventures and create millions of jobs.

We should tell these jokers not to promote “chakaribaaz” in Nepal by hanging around with dumb politicians. We need NRNs who can bring new idea to our nation, who show us how to execute giant ideas and who lead by example. Let us appreciate these NRNs for coming to Nepal and spending few bucks as tourists. Let us be open to them and ask them to show us what they know better than we know. What Mahato and others are doing is not much better than what Chaudhari and Amatya groups have been doing in Nepal for decades. Development drive has to come from millions who are in Nepal, not from these dozens of so-called rich Nepali from abroad. Let us not hope much from these media flash seekers. They are in Nepal as they need us, not because we need them. We all, however, should welcome them as they are our own and they are neglected abroad and are hungry for some kind of recognition. They want someone to tell them loudly “How rich you are! How great you are!”

14 thoughts on “NRNs – Group of Nepalese with Mid-life Crises?

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  2. Coupls of things I want to point out:

    The writer is a loser definitely – probably has not been able to go overseas, earn money and jealous. There is no place for people like these in any society. Take your jealous-ness out of your system if you want to have a serious debate.

    NRNs are important. In fact for present day Nepal anything is better expect anything that is coming out of Nepal. NRNs bring skill, knowledge and money.

    Do not ever forget that the only reason why Nepal has not become
    Sudan or any other troubled countries of Africa is the money that has been flowing into Nepal from the hard working labour class Nepalese working in Arab countries, Malaysia, Korea and Hongkong.

    People in Nepal owe the Nepalese outside Nepal big time.

    Regarding businessmen like Upendra – if Nepal doesnt want him, he will spend his money elsewhere in the world. Who will be the loser then? It is the same poor Nepalese in Nepal.

    Tell me one good thing that has happended in Nepal since the democracy? I think it is Prashant winning the Indian Idol and Prashant is a NRN.

    So before you blurt out your pathetic self and blame everyone else for your misery, drink a glass of water and chill out.

  3. spelling does not matter as long as you can read and make sense of it. language for communication. that’s it. please do not make mahato hero discussiong about him here. he is a small chap and a minor trader. he has PhD baught with few bottles of Vodka.

  4. Dear Friend Agni

    Please correct your own spelling mistakes before correcting others ! Or don’t you know you have spelling mistakes? Bloody is spelled as Bloody, not Bloddy. The same with Busiensses. This is the problems with us all. We all think we are right and the other one is wrong. Chanakya is dead right.

  5. It seems that the commentator who does not know the spelling of the word “loser” is also a loser. What is wrong if the writer does not like NRNs. May be he has been cheated by one of them or he knows one of them personally that how sallow or stupid he or she is. By the way, persons with ideas have nough opportunities abroad and they go back to their countries only to do busiensses – not to do politics. Upendra Mahato is a bloddy attention seeker! Thse peole have Attention Deficiency Disorder!

  6. It seems that writer is looser. Looser never appreciate others effort which is done for better. I think this country needs solid policy and laws to attract NRNs investment. Upendra Mahoto is just trying to open the door that other NRNs can get benefit. I donot think it should be a big issue that Upendra’s investment is just in HydroPower, real state or media. At least he is flowing some money in Nepal and showing true business man ship. Please do appreciate if someone is trying to do something for the nation and Neplese people living outside.

  7. I don’t agree with the motto of this article. You are saying that these peoples are here because of not having identification in the forgein land. You should remember that a person can’t forget his/her nation wherever he/she is. We have to first search on the positive aspect of the matter. They are trying to help the nation. Isn’t it good thing ?

  8. Good post, although you could have been less harsh. If they (NRN) want to invest, the gesture should be welcomed; the funds used strategically. The NRN’s should have set pre-conditions, such as, end to impunity, law and order, effective governance, CA, democratic practices and restructuring of the state to the ruling alliance. The whole affair smacks of political arrangement with regards to the SPA and security as far as the NRN’s are concerned.

    I think one of the ways the funds could be used is to propel bright ideas from local and innovative entrepreneurs as suggested by Rajendra, or was it Rudra (my apologies if I shouldn’t have called you by your first names) in one of the earlier posts here. That will mobilize the human capital in Nepal as you have suggested in this post.

  9. The motto of article seems appropriate with surfacial analysis. Had there been a detail analysis with facts and figures and list of proposals offered by NRN, it would be a great service to all concerned.

  10. And this is a group trying to run Nepal staying away from Nepal. As you vividly pointed it out. they think they are better than millions of us in the motherland. They kissed king’s butt when he was in power, now it is Prachanda and Girija’s turn. You all know how Mahato partnered with King’s son-in-law and got license for Mero Mobile.

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