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Indra Dhoj Kshetri


Now, I am in love

Now I am in love,
My legs are bouncing to reach you
My hands are stretched to fetch you
My cheeks are blooming to be kissed;
Now I am in love.

My heart is pounding with happiness
My nose is flattened with pride
My lips are open to kiss you;
Now I am in love;

My fingers are restless to play on your hair,
My palms are open to hold your hand
My arms are stretched to hug you;
I am overwhelmed with joy to reconcile with you;
Now I am in love.

23 thoughts on “Now, I am in love

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  3. Yup. Lust. Pure Lust and animal desire to fulfill that lust. I see no hint of love here, but then again if you lust someone enough times it will be called love … lol.

  4. this is deep…
    i hear there are younger bloggers here…
    is this the type of material on everest uncensored?

  5. Love is a temple
    Love a higher law
    You ask me to enter
    But then you make me crawl
    And I cannot be holding on
    To what you got
    When all you got is hurt.

  6. -Heretic
    “4. Romantic love – DOES NOT EXIST!!”
    How can you say this; not to offend anyone or anything but just because maybe you have been hurt or not experienced romantic love you can not say it doesn’t exist. Love is a gift and with that one gift it comes with the different type of ways to have love; whether it is romantic, sexual, tragic, etc. Or maybe you haven’t seen it but believe me I’ve heard it’s a beautiful thing.
    ♥Akriti Panthi♥

  7. What is up with you people talking about something that’s non-existent?

    Let me put it simply again:
    1. Love in the universal context – EXISTS
    2. Adolescent infatuation – EXISTS
    3. Lust and sexual attraction – EXISTS
    4. Romantic love – DOES NOT EXIST!!

  8. Why you people think sex as a lust. Why don’t’ you think it as a beautiful spots like football, basket ball . Take it easy! Stop talking nonsense. Who told you sex is lost? If it’s then question is, Are you by product of lust? What a nonsense.

  9. Nepali girls don’t know what is sex so they give priority to love not lust. Girls who actually knows sex think lust is more important.

  10. Pawanji, you are the one introducing “पानी पुरी” to topic that relates to love. Donno about the rest, but I bet you certainly DO think of “पानी पुरी” when you think of your प्रीयसी.

  11. सुप्रीया जी, प्रीयसी को यादमा रस नआए पानी पुरी को याद आउन्छ त। इन्द्रजी बिलकुल सहि। तर मालुम हुन्छ कि इन्द्रजी बहुत खारीएको बोका हुनु हुन्छ।

  12. Really this poem reveals boisterous spirit .this is not reflecting the true love and showing the coddleness in the poem and a true love is the love with emotions and sensible feelings not the physical thinkings and attractions.

  13. It depends upon person to person and the way how someone see/feels/experience about it. There is no question about it you can write a whole article on “ROMANTIC LOVE DOES NOT EXIST” and I will salute in advance and love to see that too but there are lots of pros (poets and writers) who had written against your quote too.

    As per my understanding and believe regarding Love, Romance or what ever that is; does exists with in us. The only thing differ is in the eye of beholder; how you take it and how you interpret it. They way can be affirmative or other but still depends on beholder. I would like to add one more thing too discussion is just to give a logic to other and try to convince but eternally neither you nor me will agree it is another thing may be I or you can end up with some logic but hard to change some others view and feelings.

    I would rather say ROMANTIC LOVE DOES EXIST and you have to have the capacity to take it in romantic way.

  14. People, please understand: ROMANTIC LOVE DOES NOT EXIST. I can write a whole article about this if anyone is interested.

  15. The context here is loving a girl, which is very different from philanthropic love. We are used to compromise with our life. In our conservative society we marry someone and try to love him/her and figure out a middle line where they both can live. Lust is a must in romance and that small thing, it can be a smile, it can just be a look or it can just be someone’s brooding face, takes you a long way. When two people get tied up in social bondage with the lust, then all the hurdles can be crossed without fatigue.

  16. Lavaji, I am the person who loves the human beings most. I surely, love the people in Sudan, Somalia or else in Humla and Jumla. BUt it does not mean that I can’t love a girl. I have that privilege and I reserve it.

  17. It looks like Physical attraction,passion, not true love. Please love somebody in Sudan, in Somalia/Afhganistan, and in Jumla/Humla of Nepal.
    Love cannot behold in physical body which is passion, it is extra-material.

  18. I put this poem in the junk category. This does not touch anything. I thought you were 16 when you wrote this. It means you are growing slow. Please keep on trying, you will get there.

    Yestai Ho

  19. My Confessions
    I wrote this poem when I was in ‘love’; surely, with a girl. I don’t know, how my mind gathered the things. Many of my friends said it was a lust; not love. I too, to some extent thought so. But poem is poem.
    The poem was much better. When I wrote, I didn’t have enough courage to go on press. I showed it to my colleagues. They said, it is some sort of vulgar as well. I didn’t think. But it is the readers to determine the essence of my poem.
    Few days back, I again gathered courage to publish this poem at this site. And I showed to my very close friend. He again reiterated the previous comments. Hence, I was forced to delete the eleventh line, which I loved most. And added two additional lines.
    Thus the poem is published at this size and shape. Readers’ comments are very much welcome.

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