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NovaFest 2008

Date: Saturday, 22nd november 2008
Venue: Rastriya Sanskritik Sansthan[Rastiya Nach Ghar]
Location: Jamal
Captions :Upasana Rai/ Manisha Singh
Camera :Abishesh / Jeetendra / Keshav / Sangharsha
Creative Support: Dijup Tuladhar / Pallavi Sharma

Reports: Pallavi Sharma


Novafest showcased some of the best talents at D2. There were songs, dances, dramas – you name it and it was there. Thanks to the effort and dedication put in by everybody including the performers, the organizers and the MCs.

All the performances were equally good. The show would not have been possible without all of them including the audience.

Of course there were lapses, backstage quarrels, on stage slips nevertheless the performers did put in their best by all means. What people saw on stage was a result of the hardwork and the extra effort put in by the organizers, the dancers, the band members, the MCs- everybody.

The band members were terrific. Kapil, Ravi, Jeevan, Dipin, Bishwadeep, Rajendra, Saroj, Vinay and Dhilung played the guitar for several songs while Bishwa, Pravinda, Kapil played the drums while Suyesh, Anish, Siris, Ishwor,Sumit, Dhilung, Ashish and Bishwadeep mesmerized the audience with their vocals.

The dancers were no less. Monika, Bhimsen, Surendra, RajendraS, Sumit, Sabin Chandra, Ritesh, Sabita, Alina, Pragya, Shreejana,Upasana, Bidha, Pallavi, Shilpa, Rajiv Shrestha, Prajwal ,Chandra Kishor, Asim , RajendraB, Deepak, Mamata, Rina, Jasmine, Shamesh and Tejaswee kept the audience spellbound with their dance numbers.

There were two dramas participated in by Rudra, Santosh, Ashay,Shamesh, Pallavi, Bidha, Anup, Sudeep ,Pratik, Rohan and Chetna.

Ashay, Manisha,Ganesh,Luna,Sita and Sanjeet were the compares for the evening.

The enthusiasm and the effort that everybody put in was worth appreciating and should not be overshadowed by the shortcomings and technical flaws of that day. It takes a decent effort to manage diversity both in terms of people and the items and the credit goes to the coordinators for managing the event up until the end.

With every event there is a lesson learnt and so have all of us during the making of the Novafest. The experiences have taught us all a good lesson and next year we promise to be back with more fun.


Despite repeated requests, there were very few people who submitted their names as participants for the Novafest. Of those people who had initially submitted their names, some of them could not make it. Given the fact that there were very few people who could actually manage time for the event, the participants had to involve themselves in more than one item.

The dancers then formed their own groups and came up with songs of their choice while the songs were also being practiced in groups.

Initially, the dancers practiced at the canteen but after complaints from the neighbors, the dances were choreographed by Purnam Rai and rehearsed at Star Dance Academy, Baneswor. All the dance numbers except ‘Rajamati wa’ were choreographed at the academy. Rajamati wa was choreographed at Sadhana Kala Kendra, Putalisadak by Yam Gurung.

The songs were practiced at Kaleidoscope, Putalisadak. The band members practiced daily after work and even during weekends.

The cultural fashion show – Unity in Diversity was practiced at the office premises itself- at the canteen to be specific. The participants came as early as 7:45 AM in the morning for practice. They did practice during the weekends too.

The dramas were practiced at the office premises itself. “Yastai ho suchana ra prabidhi” was practiced at building 5. The initial snippets were provided by Siris and then the crew took it over. “ Santaan thari thari ka” was practiced inside Rudra’s room. There was no dedicated script, no dialogues and the scenes were rehearsed only twice or thrice for both the dramas. Rudra kept telling other participants to be ready for some impromptu dialogues.

Santosh and Bhimsen only practiced once together for “Hariyo Dollar”and for other time Bhimsen choreographed/rehearsed at home while Santosh practiced at Kalaidescope for the song.

As the day of the event drew closer and closer, the practice sessions became more and more intense with the participants practicing daily almost everywhere- at the office rooms, canteen and even on the terrace and even during lunch breaks.


Suyesh says :

The BIG DAY was back again after a year. Rushing to practice room after wrapping up the day’s work was always a challenge for us and fun at the same time. Even after hectic work schedule, late hours and mental pressure, we somehow managed time for the practice. There were some wonderful talents who could not participate because of work load. We knew that we had to give our best to cheer up the lovely audience, so without caring about anything else, we headed for it. In the beginning there were only few people interested in participating, so we had to be involved in multiple songs to fill the gap, but as the time passed more people joined as band members.

We had some good guys missing from the last year, so it was a hard time for us to manage a whole new team. This was going to be my second performance on the stage and having the experience from the OCTO FEST it was a bit comfortable for me this time around. We were quite confident about our performances and we kicked off the NOVA FEST with the opening song “Yo maan ta mero nepali ho”. Something was bothering us and we felt that sound system was not properly monitored for the band members in the stage but as they say “ the show must go on” and it did. So respecting the audience, we continued with our performance. With the increasing participation of the audience, the show started to gather momentum and gradually the shortcoming of the sound system were forgotten.

I believe that, audience is the key factor in making any show worthwhile. This time, there was not much space for the audience to show their participation compared to last year. There are good and bad aspects of anything and none of us are professional artists. With that in mind, I believe that everyone performed really well and all of us enjoyed the show. Thank you D2ians for making the show a grand success; we all are looking forward to a similar event with more variety and more talents.

Thank you amazing photographers for capturing the moments really well.

Kapil says:

It was a very wonderful experience performing as well being audience at the Nova fest. As last year’s program was a grand success I was wondering whether we could give the same quality of performance as we were missing some of our old team mates. Nonetheless it was yet another very satisfying and rocking performance. Despite having a bad sound system we -all the band members kept our spirit alive and tried our best to give the entertaining music. Special thanks to Ravi Sharma for putting extra effort. Thank you D2 for organizing such event, will keep the spirit alive for the next year.

Ashay says:

The musings for the Octo Fest V 2.0 started three months back. I remember having asked Upasana Didi if I could be part of the show working “behind the scenes”. She told me I was most welcome. Three months later was the first time I talked to her about the festival again, wanting to be an MC in the Event. Work pressure, you know …

Now that the cat is out of the bag and you know I was an MC, please don’t berate me, us for that. We put our best foot forward and the overall picture of the event was great. The day kicked off at 8 and ended at 9 for most participants, what with rehearsals, make up and what not. The day went great. We had lunch during mid-day and then in some time, we had the all hands meeting. The show was started with the song “Yo man ta mero…”. The coordinators followed this up with a welcome note. And the program began in earnest after that.

Almost every presentation in the show was superb. Notable amongst them were the “Shivadum” dance, “Hariyo Dollar”, “Rajamati”, the IT skit, and the songs were all well sung. The group dances looked exceptionally well choreographed. The whole package was well juxtaposed and left us wanting more by the time the show bade us goodbye. Lets hope we grow even more by next year and the program is even bigger than the Nova Fest.

Ravi says:
Expectation always demolishes oneself, so don’t expect just go on. What you get accept it –that’s one of the things I have learnt.
Practice session was lot more interesting than performing live. No expectations, no competition, no rush hours, no tensions so far…. When one performs live one is sure to see the unexpected outcome. I was the one standing on the stage more than anyone did that day. Maybe that made others exhausted to see same face all the time. What could I do when no one volunteered to play the guitar for any new songs? I agreed to play on every new songs added to the list to polish the upcoming talent. No one is perfect, we are not a pro. I think overall Nova Fest was good enough. There were many off tones in our performance as well but no one recognized it other than us. I’m thankful to everyone who made the event a grand success and to all the audiences who added that X-factor to the event and bared with our performances till the end.

Ashish says:
Get up early in the morning at 7 o’clock and rush to office sharp 7:45 AM and make sure that each participants of Cultural Fashion Show were there for rehearsal-that had become my daily routine. If sometimes I were nice to the participants, I was quite disappointed too. Always have a deadline (tonnes of works) as a Daily Task that needed to be done between 9:00AM to 6:30PM. Then rush out to the studio for song practice. And back to home and sleep.

And finally, the day of the show came. The day of the show was especially hectic at work. Once we arrived at the venue there was more work to be done that was unrelated to the pull, so that didn’t leave much time to concentrate on what was going to happen later in the evening. After the final rehearsals were over, I began to become a bit nervous and anxious. Smoothly, my show starts and ends up. Though both of my shows were not so perfect , I hoped it was also one of the entertaining ones. And after the final show I was pretty happy because I received some comments and many compliments.

Well, it was a great show, very entertaining moment being involved on D2 Nova Fest – as a singer and as a choreographer. I would like to be thankful to everyone, who managed their valuable time to participate in the Cultural Fashion show and a song, from their busy schedule. They were not only the participants but also the good co-coordinators. At last, I must say that found very wonderful people at this station. Thank you all for great support.

Pallavi says:

All in all I thought the show was a canvass of diverse talents and superb performances.

The dark horse of the show I thought was Ravi who played the guitar for almost all of the songs. I didn’t know some of my friends could play multiple instruments that too with such ease. I was really happy to see Siris dai sing – and yes managers can sing too. Although I had heard Suyesh couple of times, I did not know he was so good at it. Hats off to Kapil (KP as I call him) for the flair with which he plays so many instruments. Bidha’s performance on stage was really good and equally good were Santosh dai and Bhimsen dai.

Kudos to my dance partner Surendra dai. I salute his spirit for trusting my choice of song-the lyrics of which was almost like Hebrew for both of us, compromising lunch hours, getting to work as early as 8 AM (although I was late most of the times) and staying until late in the evening and even agreeing to practice on the “kausi”. Without such spirit- Rajamati would not have been so good.

The practice sessions at Baneswor for all girls’ item was a story in itself. We danced like anything and straight after such sessions we would eat momos!!!The selection of the costumes and the minor quarrels were equally interesting.

……………and then there was “Santaan thari thari ka”. The practice sessions at Rudra dai’s office were worth remembering. Rudra dai’s spontaneity is worth appreciating. No dialogues, no script, no screenplay but everybody managed to pull it off.

All in all an event worth remembering-memories to last a lifetime.

Reports: Manisha Singh

With the previous cultural fest setting the standards so high, this years Cultural Fest, Nova Fest, started with quite a lot anticipation.

The fest kicked off with an ‘All Hands Meeting’. It was an intrusive but necessary distraction. We had presentations by the company’s CTO, Rudra Pandey and the VP, Himal Karmacharya. Himal gave an update on our Nepal office operations especially focusing on the recent IT audit by Deloitte and the findings from Manager’s meeting. Most of the D2 folks in audience took a lot of delight in the requirement that the managers be at their desk by 9 AM. They also applauded the fact that D2 wants to cut the long hours for its employees. Our CTO Rudra gave an overview of our company. He talked about our financial performance for 2008 and our projections for 2009. He also shed light on the company’s vision moving forward. Most importantly, he used the forum to encourage enterpreneurism among all and discuss the traits that make for a good leader/manager.

Then the real program started off with the song “Yo maan ta mero nepali ho”, setting up the audiences’ mood for the fest.

As Luna put it, D2 is on par with Bollywood and Hollywood with its diverse talents. The story of the fest is best told by the pictures and the list of performances. With people excelling in songs, dances, drama and various other performances, D2 is no less than the much celebrated Hollywood studios. We had superb performances by the vocalists Anish, Suyesh, Siris, Dhilung, Ishwar and their bands. We had rocking dance performances as well. Our very own Shamesh and Tejaswee easily beat the oft-cited celebrities Shiva Shrestha and Kristi Mainali with their Batasaile moves. Shamesh should seriously think about switching his career:) Most of us will agree that the best performance by far (Octo and Nova fests combined) was by the dynamic duo, Pallavi and Surendra, dancing to the tunes of “Rajamati wa”. “Unity in Diversity”, D2’s cultural fashion round up, was also the first of its kind. Various ethnic and cultural dresses gave a true picture of unity in diversity while also reminding everybody how beautiful our ethnic wears are. However, the biggest laughter was reserved for the spontaneous acts by Rudra, Santosh, Bhimsen. Playing the “kanchi budhi”, Bidha whipped the audience into frenzy and, undoubtedly, bagged the best actor award. This years event also had a guest performer, Mr. Charan Pradhan, who intrigued the audiences with his complex yet fluid moves. We were really privileged to have shared the stage with him.

Last year, the Octo fest report ended with the line: “The show ended with a simple hope and expectation that such an event will be continued in future as well”. This years too ends with similar hope. Hats off to all the performers for putting up such a wonderful event and thanks to the lively audience, without whom the event wouldnt have been such a huge success.

The curious audiences
01 The curious audiences
Calm Before the storm
02 Calm Before the storm
I know I`ll rock the stage
03 I know I`ll rock the stage
D2 is the place to be..
04 D2 is the place to be..
See me perform next year
05 See me perform next year
I`ll be here from 2009
06 I`ll be here from 2009
Happy To Welcome
07 Happy To Welcome
Yo maan ta mero Nepali ho - the nepali heart
08 Yo maan ta mero Nepali ho – the nepali heart
Getting ready to take the lead
09 Getting ready to take the lead
D2`s Led Zepplin
10 D2`s Led Zepplin
Shivadam shivadam - Charan Pradhan
11 Shivadam shivadam – Charan Pradhan
12 Bajrapani
Limbu pair - Raju n Barsha
13 Limbu pair – Raju n Barsha
 No Dolce Gabbana.. thats Yakkha - Piush n Jasmine
14 No Dolce Gabbana.. thats Yakkha – Piush n Jasmine
Newari attire - Nikesh n Jyotsna
15 Newari attire – Nikesh n Jyotsna
Pratik n Rina in Sherpa`s dresses
16 Pratik n Rina in Sherpa`s dresses
The Rais - Abishekh n Mamta
17 The Rais – Abishekh n Mamta
Tharu couple - Sudip n Sushmita
18 Tharu couple – Sudip n Sushmita
Unity in Diversity
19 Unity in Diversity
Cham Cham Cham nachna mann lagyo....
20 Cham Cham Cham nachna mann lagyo….
Family Time
21 Family Time
Bhimsen - the billionaire
22 Bhimsen – the billionaire
Voice of Nepal
23 Voice of Nepal
Rafting bisaudai
24 Rafting bisaudai
Baruli kammar hallaudai
25 Baruli kammar hallaudai
And the dance continues
26 And the dance continues
Bachaaaauuuuu!!!!!!! UPS padkyo
27 Bachaaaauuuuu!!!!!!! UPS padkyo
IT ma thitti
28 IT ma thitti
Siris considering career switch
29 Siris considering career switch
Impressing his mayalu
30 Impressing his mayalu
Ahh!!Pretty Magarni presents Rajamati
31 Ahh!!Pretty Magarni presents Rajamati
Matina ya wa.. maya pirati gasau
32 Matina ya wa.. maya pirati gasau
Rajamati n tuyuse(guy`s name in the movie)
33 Rajamati n tuyuse(guy`s name in the movie)
Surendra dai sidestepped by villain Asim!!!!!!
34 Surendra dai sidestepped by villain Asim!!!!!!
Aaha kalilo tama lai..
35 Aaha kalilo tama lai..
Sodha rama lai........
36 Sodha rama lai……..
Cute Together - Siddhi with his pretty wife
37 Cute Together – Siddhi with his pretty wife
Aana enjoying the show
38 Aana enjoying the show
D2`s singing sensation
39 D2`s singing sensation
Rock On
40 Rock On
Bold and Beautiful!!!!
41 Bold and Beautiful!!!!
Green card couple
42 Green card couple
Krish.. oh krisne actually
43 Krish.. oh krisne actually
The lady killer
44 The lady killer
Santan thari thari ka....
45 Santan thari thari ka….
Pretty kanchi budi
46 Pretty kanchi budi
Our audiences amused
47 Our audiences amused
Looking good together!! Rachit with his wife
48 Looking good together!! Rachit with his wife
Paschim ko Bakkhu
49 Paschim ko Bakkhu
Behind the scene action
50 Behind the scene action
Tamang selo group
51 Tamang selo group
52 Dreamgirls
Nachyo maichyang timi damfu ko talai ma
53 Nachyo maichyang timi damfu ko talai ma
Then we`ll rock!!!
54 Then we`ll rock!!!
GT - thats Ganesh for you
55 GT – thats Ganesh for you
Kristi Kc Vs. Tejaswee
56 Kristi Kc Vs. Tejaswee
Lucky guy
57 Lucky guy
I made them move
58 I made them move
59 Q3
Tashi diley Sherpa Dai!!!
60 Tashi diley Sherpa Dai!!!
Thats the way Mahive!!!!
61 Thats the way Mahive!!!!
Lau lau hana han garyo re!!!!
62 Lau lau hana han garyo re!!!!
Green room preview
63 Green room preview
64 Youthful
Fine ladies dancing away
65 Fine ladies dancing away
Happy Vishnu with his daughter
66 Happy Vishnu with his daughter
Mohani Lagla hai!!!!
67 Mohani Lagla hai!!!!
Look at Sabin
68 Look at Sabin
Charming Gurungseni
69 Charming Gurungseni
Dipin Transfixed
70 Dipin Transfixed
Drumming away to glory
71 Drumming away to glory
Don`t need a stage - Bhuwan Shrestha
72 Don`t need a stage – Bhuwan Shrestha
Ko ho tyo jasle malai - Bishwadeep
73 Ko ho tyo jasle malai – Bishwadeep
Maya meri maya.....hamro milan kahile huncha
74 Maya meri maya…..hamro milan kahile huncha
Taking a break from MCing
75 Taking a break from MCing
Stage ko bhoot hatya chaina.......monika ko!!!
76 Stage ko bhoot hatya chaina…….monika ko!!!
Pravinda doing what he does the best
77 Pravinda doing what he does the best
Men in Black
78 Bhete maile Rudra dai
Where`s your Benz
79 Where`s your Benz
Killer Drummer
80 Killer Drummer
We rocked it.. lets chill
81 We rocked it.. lets chill
The Heroes
82 The Heroes
Prashata in action off the stage
83 Prashata in action off the stage
Unfeatured Dandia Dance
84 Unfeatured Dandia Dance
Jeetendra our generous camera person
85 Jeetendra our generous camera person
Caught Between the curtains, man behind the camera
86 Caught Between the curtains, man behind the camera
The energy back stage
87 The energy back stage
The Finale
88 The Finale

Invitation Card

Nova fest 2008 had the following line up:

1 Yo maan ta mero nepali ho
[Suyesh Nepal, Kapil Pandey, Ravi Sharma, Dipin Shrestha, Pravinda Ranjit]

2 Mayalu le
[Ravi Sharma, Rajendra Subedi, Bishwadeep KC, Sumit Kumar singh, Bishwa Shrestha, Anish Gopal Vaidya]

3 Bajrapani/ShivaDam
[Charan Pradhan]

4 Unity in Diversity
[Sudeep, Susmita, Abhishek, Mamata, Pawan, Binita, Jyotsna, Nikesh, Jasmine, Piyush, Pratik, Rina, Shreejana, Raju, Barsha]

5 Bara hatey patuki
[Monika Sarawogi]

6 Tara matra haina
[Anish Gopal Vaidya, Bishwa Shrestha, Rajendra Subedi, Bishwadeep KC, Ravi Sharma]

7 Hariyo Dollar
[Santosh, Kapil Pandey, Bhimsen, Suyesh Nepal, Pravinda Ranjit, Bishwadeep KC, Saroj Dahal]

8 Rafting Bisaune [Rajendra Subedi, Sumit Kumar Singh, Sabin Chandra Shrestha, Ritesh Raj Aryal, Sabita Khadka, Alina Sharma, Pragya Rana, Shreejana Prajapati]

9 Yestai ho suchana tatha prabidhi
[Anup Sharma, Sudeep Khatiwada, Pratik, Rohan, Chetna]

10 Musu musu
[Siris Bajracharya, Anish Gopal Vaidya, Kapil Pandey, Dipin Shrestha, Ravi Sharma, Pravinda Ranjit]

11 Ko Ho tyo
[Kapil Pandey, Bishwadeep KC, Ravi Sharma, Pravinda Ranjit, Suyesh Nepal]

12 Rajamati
[Pallavi Sharma, Surendra Adhikari]

13 Sodha Rama lai
[Bidha Rimal, Upasana Rai, Monika Sarawogi, Shilpa Shrestha, Rajiv Shrestha, Prajwal Shrestha, Chandra Kishor Gauro, Asim Khanal]

14 Maya meri maya
[Kapil Pandey, Suyesh Nepal, Dipin Shrestha, Pravinda Ranjit, Ravi Sharma, Siris Bajracharya]

15 Bheda ko un
[Kapil Pandey, Suyesh Nepal, Jeevan Basnet, Pravinda Ranjit, Ravi Sharma]

16 Santan thari thari ka
[Rudra Pandey, Bidha Rimal, Santosh Koirala, Ashaya Thakur, Pallavi Sharma, Shamesh Joshi]

17 Herda ma ramro
[Rajiv Shrestha, Rajendra Banjade, Deepak Lamichhane, Mamata Ojha, Rina Maharjan, Jasmine Bajracharya]

18 Instrumental
[Bidha Rimal, Upasana Rai, Monika Sarawogi, Shilpa Shrestha, Pallavi Sharma, Pragya Rana]

19 Sano Prakash
[Dhilung H Kirat, Ravi Sharma, Dipin Shrestha, Bishwa Shrestha]

20 Bhul ma bhulyo
[Vinaya Lal Shrestha, Kapil Pandey, Ashish Shrestha, Ravi Sharma, Saroj Dahal]

21 Batasaile Udailagyo
[Shamesh Joshi, Tejaswee Sharma]

22 Mahive, Nibuda
[Charan Pradhan]

23 Mercedez Benz
[Kapil Pandey, Dipin Shrestha, Pravinda Ranjit, Ishwor Manandhar, Ravi Sharma]

24 Sambodhan
[Dipin Shrestha, Siris Bajracharya, Pravinda Ranjit, Ravi Sharma, Anish G Vaidya, Rajendra Subedi]

25 Diula
[Suyesh Nepal, Kapil Pandey, Jeevan Basnet, Pravinda Ranjit, Ravi Sharma]

104 thoughts on “NovaFest 2008

  1. Wow – I simply could not bar myself, there seems a portrayal of life in all vibrant colors. The center stage garnered, thanks to all.


  2. Just wanted to know……… Did you really convinced Jitendra(oops! not Jeetandra I guess) to run up and down with his camera? 😳

  3. Dear Sangeeta,

    It was 1982, the course of the life provided me an opportunity to be close with Jitendra though for short time but I’ve immense pleasure to see Jitendra growing into a refined person to the date.

    Tesaile malai lagcha manis hari ko bhid hunu euta kura ho tes bitra samaj rahanu arko kura ho.

    “Wajid mujhe masjid mei beitkar sharab pine de nahi to wo jagha dekha de jahan khuda na ho”

  4. Sangeet=Sangitaa, Jeet=Jit or mountain bike=Cycle cannot be said to have spelled same. Unless there are duplicates, they mean same thing either US, USA, America colloquially. However, thanks for showing the difference and helping EU in recognizing the superman of Nepal.

  5. Dear Vishnu dai,
    Let me correct spelling of this “85 generous camera person”. It’s Jitendra not Jeetendra, how he spells his name. He is a great photographer and a very good friend of mine. Besides he is also an adventurous Mountain Biker of Nepal but not the cyclist ( 🙂 Just to correct u). And the most important thing is he loves to share and serve others……….. No wonder he had and active participation in our Novafest……….
    Dear D2ians,
    You people must have seen running him ups and downs with his camera during Novafeast 08′ clicking most of the pictures posted above. We can invite him to share his more pictures here in EU. And lets thank him for his generous support and care towards D2ian’s……….

  6. Dear D2ian, “85 generous camera person” is Jeetendra Bajracharya. He is an amateur mountain cyclist also. He provides us camera technique with different name on EU and in person he is a superb man to me.

  7. It is a good summary however it is not blog “ethics” to change the content once something has come out. The entire comment flow would then be out of context. Uncensored?

  8. Its good to see this blog after the report has been updated …. now it covers all the aspect of the show.. good job guys ….

  9. Still missing “Yo maan ta mero nepali ho”

    “Once more” “Once more” “Once more” “Once more” “Once more”

    Happy Moment
    87 The energy back stage
    88 The Finale

  10. Despite tons of negative comments, Novafeast 08 deserve big round of applauses. By the way why pic 85 is a generous camear person.. who is it?????

  11. nov fest ma bhaag ta maile pani leko thiye tara mgmnt jhoor bhayera maile dherai dukha paye .. coordinators haru le ramrari manage garnu parne ma aafai dherai wota ma bhaag liyera manage garnai janenan…

    dherai le ta naramro nai lekheka rahechan…sayad mann naparera nai hola ni mann pareko bhaye ta positive comments dherai hunthyo ni haina ra?

  12. It would be great if someone posts videos of novafest (Youtube I guess is the best place)…
    Those who are abroad may have missed it n will like to see the videos……

  13. RocktOber was a blast… those were nice memories to cherish and I agree those were definately good old days..

    Novafest had a new approach… this time around we tried to showcase our culture… Diverse Culture.. and definately there was a notion of “Unity in Diversity”…
    The way Newari Performers showcased Tharu Culture, Tamang Culture.. the way bahun/Chettri Performers showcased Newari culture.. it was awesome combination… The thing is.. we tried to give our best despite our differences… Organizers and Performers did their level best to entertain the audience, all they did was try to give variety and put up a great show… and the bands rocked too..

    We get inspired by Bollywood n even try to act Hollywood… but we are sensitive to our Nepali Culture..

    Let’s take comments in a positive way.. indeed as a learning experience..

    The bottom line is you cannot make everyone happy… but Life goes on..and we can find happiness in small things..

  14. I think a lot of us that were there, especially those of us who performed in or were involved in organizing Ocfotest, and didn’t get to see the show this year are prejudiced in Octofest’s favor. I know that’s the case in my favor. That’s just how it is. Why hide behind political correctness? Human nature!

  15. Hey guys, some one please post the video of Nov Fest so that we could also give some comments. The still pictures does not give the real picture of the show. As for Octo Fest, it was great and it really rocked!!! and most of us do agree with me.. right?

  16. Read all the comments. I was present during the show and the comments don’t make all the criticisms look just.
    Regular Reader, you said that the grammar was incorrect and gave an example of the use of the word ppl.
    I read the report and reread it. It looked gramatically correct to me. Were you pointing to some particular part?
    Now on to funnier things – the photo selection was biased!!! Really, no comments! 89 pics in there, and they cover most of the performances!
    The Management was imperfect! Tosh! If all people appreciated management, unions would be absent.
    We had a great show, and nearly every performance was great. It was a show, and a good one at that. Sounds good to me!

    I believe there were two points that the management could have been better. So what if we were not supposed to have food in the hall? It is only against the rules right? The management could have provided the ppl who hated the show as such with wine glasses with the hall. Then we would have had happier people.

    Also, there was power outage and we did not have curtains. The management should have preempted this and arranged for a micro hydro power.

    Right with all that said and done, the show was so great, and loved it. As the coordinator said in the beginning, it was amazing that we had oppurtunities such as these even after college. Thanks to D2

  17. Aba ek choti cultural show ko swad chaki sake pachi, arko choti pani tastai expect garincha ni, tyo ta human nature nai ho ni. Octo fest herne le ta testai Nov fest khoj cha ni.

    Mgmt ramro bhayena ta bayena bhanni paryo ni. Thik bhaye ko bhaye ta yetro dheri neg comment ta aaudaina ni.

  18. None of us (co-coordinators, MCs) are professional artistes to perform as par professionals. We really did our best to make the show a memorable one…..We really seek positive and encouraging criticisms from u all. Nevertheless, I’ve taken all negative comments as a booster for improvement. Thanx.

  19. It seems to me that people commenitng on this this very post are bunch of “negative attitude” losers. These people do not know how to appreciate others those who worked very hard (it seems from the photos and the report) to put a corptorate show together and entertain 100s of audience. These losers can’t do anything in life if they continue to possess the kind of negative attitude I see on these comments.

    Learn to appreicate others and motivate them to do better with appreciation, not with direct personal and nehative comments. Bucnh of uncinilized kids!

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover

  20. Literate people know how to criticize well. Criticism is about pointing out good and bad points. Some people here just seem to try getting attention by passing all those harsh comments without having the knowledge of background. Grow up ppl (yes its “ppl” 😉 ), halla khalla garna ta jollai ni aaucha ni… stage ma aayera audience face garera dekhau… n see your pants get wet.

    Cheers guys, we had hell lot of fun in NOVA FEST. Its nature of some people to talk rubbish, nani dekhi ko bani, poor fellas. Kaag karaudai garcha pina sukdai garcha 😛

  21. Most of people have criticized the show….. Managing less people is somewhat easier than big mass.. last year mass were less so it might have been easy but this time its around thrice of last year.. but i agree to some facts like repetition annoys audiences and it should be avoided and catering were very poor.. management responsibility should be given to experience person.

  22. it;s a corporate fest guys yestai ho. thau payaka chau lekha yaar lekha. haha but noone have vetamin to write real name execpt koirala brothers ( Sudip, Aashish & Santosh).

  23. After said and done…….. .. It depends upon individual’s perspective too……. how they perscive things as ……….. Overall program was nice and thanks to coordinator atleast they made it to this stage ………… comments and compliments are key for success n inprovements………… So don’t feel bad when ppl make bad comments some time………..
    It’s there nature of critisism…………

  24. Howz dat all gals modern dance included in cultural show? may be bcoz ….. had performed in dat item. However its ridiculous to include dat song along wid mahive/nubuda in cultural show.

  25. i dont c any mngt from any angle right from the practice session.PPl r only aware of wat is shown from the surface.Wat we(the victims) experienced right from the beginning was the arrogant, biased and underestimating behaviour of the co-ordinator.

  26. Mayameri Maya singing combination and the Gutar shot of Kapil bro is hillarious ,
    Ko ho tyo , Cool BD,
    IT Play….. Can’t stop laughing….
    “paschim ko Bakkhu”….your answer made your co-host speechless,
    Prabin bro great drumming……..ani
    Shiva ko tandav….it’s great..but bit long………
    yea I heard candle light dinner but here i enjoyed ..NO Light Beer and Wine

  27. gals…..! Be careful with married guys 😉 , and better to keep knowledge updated to avoid regret later on. Photo 48 is very nice…

  28. yea this time. there were too many repetitions.. seeing the same person on stage too many times was bore. and i agree the items should’ve been more selective… it was too much of too many .. nevertheless.. its good to see it happen this yr…

  29. why everyone is after the bad things that happened in the program

    There were many things that we can talk about

    some of my fav

    Good song by Santosh Dai and great combination of the music and joke
    7 Hariyo Dollar

    one of the best song but bad time
    1 Yo maan ta mero Nepali ho

    Pallavi and Surendra Dai were so perfect
    12 Rajamati

    rocking song
    79 Where`s your Benz

    Great Music Dhilung, Ravi, Dipin, Bishwa[Killer Drummer]
    19 Sano Prakash

  30. I have some things to say to Regular Reader, Yestai Ho and Manisha.

    Regular Reader – I had the same concern once and raised it as well. Rudra dai answered “It’s the ideas and expressions that matter here — not structure and grammar”. That made sense to me. I don’t think it makes sense to let that get in the way — not in this day and age of Web 2.0 and user generated content all over the web. I understand your concern, but this is not the place for it. Concerns, when, misplaced can lead to dire results. Unnecessary monitoring leads to censorship and segregation – and that is what led to Nazi Germany. Pardon me for borrowing a bit from John Denver’s testimony at the censorship hearings there. 🙂

    Yestai Ho – Have some tact. Personal attacks are not going to get you anywhere. When was the last time you wrote anything worthwhile, anyway?

    Manisha – Nice write-up, though you could have acknowledged the terrific musicians – the guitarists, the bassist and the drummers (the drummers, especially the drummers — no one gives them any credit — i know, i’ve been there 🙁 )…. love your bakhhu 😉

  31. This year’s fest title became, “Dance Music and nothing more…”

    However, all the performers really rocked the show, despite their empty tummies.

  32. To the person who selected photo where is the photo of Binita and Pawan who also took part in the “Unity of Diversity”. Just for your information they were the Thakali Couple 🙂

  33. I totally agree with “whereis my comment?” there should be a closeup photo of ravi..

    Comparing the OCTO Fest with NOVA Fest.. OCTO Fest was far more better… This year NOVA fest was not so managed and thanks to Vishnu dai the performer got to have lunch otherwise that was also not to be……

    If the Coordinator was too bg in performing then he/she should have given the job to other person rather than trying to manage by himself/herself.. 😈

    All in all this year was OK but not managed…. 🙁 and this should be taken into consideration for future show to be organized by D2 😉

  34. I recently comment regarding the unfair photo selection here.. now my comment is gone.. this is no more uncensored blog 😈

    I had written smthing like this (but in a harsher tone 😉 ) :

    photo selection is bullshit!

    while there is pic for every crap MCs… Ravi played in almost every song to construct the show.. but there is not a single closeup pic here.. did the photo selector know that he was the show stopper??

    I wana know who was the photo selector???

  35. I dont know what the coordinators was doing

    was that managed show in any way

    78 Bhete maile Rudra dai

    and who is this ?

  36. Last year’s OCTO fest rockked!!! This year’s Nova fest wasn’t bad but Poorly managed i would say and yes repetitive performances by the same faces. But this year’s show would be an experience for next fest 🙂

    The Pics are good BTW.

  37. really the management was so bad…..coordinators -need to improve lot….yestai ho bhane ta arko palta talents hune haru pani bhaag lina man gardainan …that’s sure…. and the office management must give some priorities to participants,working 9 hrs and practising every monrning and evening tyo pani managerko gaali khaera….participating is not just sake of participants’ fun…its also for the prestige of the organization…garne ho bhane ramrari garau else nagarau 😮

  38. Biggest mistakes were

    1) Administration gave coordination responsibility to those who were not even present in the previous fest. Experience does count.
    2) Coordinator should never participate. Its a rule of thumb.
    3) Lack of one shot – best shot attitude. Too many mediocre performance from the same face was definitely a turn down.

    Nevertheless, enjoyed the show – not like last year’s cozy way, but like in a film hall. Interaction among people was almost nil.

  39. I agree with the “regular reader” thre report quality is too poor. I thought D2 had better writer than this. This is very lazy writing. This is a joke! Who is this “Manisha” woman?

  40. for your kind info, vishnu dai also coordinated last year’s octo fest.why do you guys speak without complete knowledge? better keep your mouth shut!

  41. Hi I’m a regular reader of EU after having been introduced to it some time back. I have deep interest in literature and my fields of interest also in the same direction. I have enjoyed reading some of your good creative writings. However it is kind of sad that recent articles have been very poor in basic formatting! I could care less about individual blog entries as after all it is a blog, however when something under Featured comes out that raw then it becomes distasteful. Note that once your site gets popular, people with different spheres of interest read it. So along with popularity comes responsibility of posts! Following are some examples in this article …

    (1) Sentences are not spaced out properly.
    (2) How can you write ‘ppl’ in a formal report?
    (3) Comma, full-stops, brackets are not properly spaced.
    (4) Single quote is missing e.g. wouldnt.
    (5) Overall proof-reading is lacking I felt.

    Again – this is not a negative criticism! You guys usually are up to a good standard in Featured but last few ones have been just thrown at us. I have even heard that your company requires people to take exams in some English language center as part of the hiring process!

    May be delaying these posts by a few days and putting out something neat would make sense?

    Anyhow, good job – keep on getting these articles out.

  42. i too think this last years show was best and will always remain best…Anjana dd alone as a coordinator did her best but this yr with two people coordinating the show was disaster…didnt knew how to manage just thinking about their performances only….and nakkal jhakkal parna bata nai fursad thiyena new coordinators harulai 👿

    the show was too lengthy…and became quite boring…performances should have been more selective rather than keeping all performances.

    and like before… one person should perform only twice not more than that… i just got bored looking at similar faces for so many times in stage….instead of dancing and singing in so many .. coordinator should have cut down few ones so that audiences would not have been bored….last yr each n every performance was best !!! Last years OCTO FEST rocked !!!!

    we need cultural show with old coordinator not with those two new ppl 👿

  43. #First of all loved the lighting of pic 82 hats off to the one who captuered it.
    #No doubt…..”Rajamati wa” was the best performance (cute couple on stage!)
    #In vocal “ko ho tyo” was appreciable ….
    # Sano prakash was nice attempt
    #Won’t forget Ravi dai’s effort in almost 13 songs I guess… 🙂
    #IT skit was hilarious –“yeta uta garera padkane kam ma ta malai nai” 😉
    #I think musicians played a gr8 role to keep the show up to a mark
    #Charming and energetic Charan Pradhan reflecting true form of art
    #Experienced for da 1st time kinda “loadshedding party” 😀
    #Program was lenghy, it would been better if it maintained variety with selected ones.
    #Undeniably, poor MCs (never seen such) 🙁

    Good effort, anticipated to be better next year.
    Best part for me was that I met “Shutterbug”!!!

  44. This year’s performances (group or single) was par with last year, and some even better! However due to the following, last year’s event was superior.

    (1) Atmosphere of the hotel, high quality food, spacious room for people to mingle and enjoy themselves
    (2) Too many items of the same type – cut them down next time – 2 hours of events – mixed with cocktail environment is sweet and leaves a taste for more …
    (3) Lack of real stage rehearsals …
    (4) No schedule of events distributed to the audience this time
    (5) People were left hungry for too long … that drains them
    (6) Lack of stage control by the MCs

    Nonetheless – fantastic effort … keep it up.

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