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Rajendra Keshari Pandey



From my early childhood, I have always firmly believed in the value and values of life and learning. I have understood that certain values cannot be bought, sold or easily taught. They have to be believed in, and practiced from within.

Here are a few examples: Honesty: Honesty is difficult to buy or sell. It has no price, so it is priceless. It is difficult to teach, as the desire to be honest has to come from within. Certainly one can seem to be able to learn dishonesty. As of now, I have not heard of The University of Honesty, instead there seem to be many graduates of the University of Dishonesty and Cheating to whom these practices have become a way of life. Peace: One never trades peace that is why you cannot buy it. Where are the Peace shops? Freedom: Freedom by the nature of the word signifies free, without price, non negotiable. It is rare to be able to buy somebody’s freedom because nobody willingly sells it. One can capture or imprison them but never take away an individual’s inner freedom. Honesty, Peace and Freedom cannot be established by creating a signboard or an institution or organization. They do not cost anything; they are values without value, priceless. It is from within that we must demonstrate them. Mother and Motherland: Mother and Motherland are not for sale. We trade many items in this world, but have you ever found a shop where you can buy mothers or motherlands? It is not done. I remember on Mothers Day last year I sent an email to my friend in Colorado, wishing him and his family a Happy Mother’s day. I wrote the quote, “Mother and Motherland are greater than Heaven”. My friend was so happy receiving it that he replied immediately saying he would read this email over his family supper that night. It had certainly touched a deep feeling in him. Mother and Motherland have priceless value. There cannot be a compromise in such sensitive matters as these. We must respect and most importantly demonstrate all these inner values. Honesty, Peace and Freedom along with love for Mother and Motherland are the cornerstones of a society that has inner values. One that practices them outwardly, not by selling and buying them but by giving and receiving them.

One thought on “NOT FOR SALE

  1. dear honesty,

    please read this honest piece honestly.

    like everything, honesty honestly starts at a honest home. are you honest with your wouldbe honest family members is the first honest question you have to honestly address b4 u honestly start blogging about honesty.


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