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No Petrol – Forget it!!! Cars will now run on plain atmospheric air

Has anyone imagined that cars could run on plain air, this has become reality. MDI a research company from France has been doing research in the air Car for more than a decade now and have plans to launch this car in Europe end of 2008. This car simply stores compressed air in Fiber tubes and the compressed air is released to move to Piston of a special engine. The Air Car will have a max speed of 100km/hr, with a range of 200km in one refill. Refilling the compressed air at refilling stations will cost about $2, or simply plug the car into an electrical socket for four hours to fill the tank using an onboard compressor.  So the running cost would be around NRS 1.5/km, plus no long fuel queue WOWWWWW!!!

Few years back MDI was looking for investors to support their goal and Tata had come to MDI’s rescue by investing $30 million in MDI’s project. Tata is planning to roll out 6,000 in the first year, target was 2008 but could be delayed as they have to refine the technology to suit Indian conditions.

This is the future for Nepal, as we have seen that after 5 years Hydro power is going to be abundant and this car will be perfect for cities like Kathmandu. As soon as it is released in Europe we can import it. Later once Tata rolls out its models, it will be readily available in the Nepal market. I just can’t wait to get hold of one.

But the big question mark is that our Government is too dumb and could slash a ridiculous amount of TAX. Therefore we have to make the government conscious about this technology. We have to make them realize the long term benefits for cities like Kathmandu, which has very high tourist generation potential with a cleaner environment. If anyone has some connection to this or the upcoming government, please try to educate them so that they reduce the TAX and encourage people to buy this CAR.

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  1. Its very interesting one. I think this message should be forwarded to our journalist so they can make aware this technology to nepali and to policy maker. Nepal can save billion of money spent in burning petrol.

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