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No I am not the only one.

What if you are struck with a thunderbolt? These extremities are rare but it happens and it’s true. You try to take comfort in your friends but what if you get hurt more when things are disclosed. What if a wise decision of sharing it, make things even worse. You feel like you are alone. You are driven to a conclusion “No I can’t cope up with the situation; I have had enough of this life”. There is no one in this world who is there to say “I am with you”. For the time being, you feel as if this …

…is the end of the world. And you end up doing silly and crazy things. You remain solitary and find no way other than crying for whole night long. Everything seems so wrong. You and I know it’s really very difficult to go through all these hard times. But since you have to live, you just live with all the smiles with pain deep down inside. Something’s are better left unsaid but you just need to carry all those on your own. After all, this is a part of yours, mine and everyone’s life.

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