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Niraj Thapa’s US Visit

This was my first visit to any overseas country, so I was thrilled, nervous and terrified all at the same time. Then again, that pretty much defines traveling.

My departure from Kathmandu was on October 15. I had a stopover in Doha, Qatar for 8 hours and I somehow managed to get some sleep in a quiet room at the transit. Then after, 13 hours of flight took me to my destination Logan Airport, Boston. After going through immigration and custom, I finally took a cab and went to the Sagar’s address as directed by Abanish. I rested there for a while, then Prayash and Pratik came to walk me to an apartment 905 at Windsor Village rented by the office where I was going to stay for a month. In the evening, all my colleagues from Nepal at US office came to visit and gave me warm welcome. It was overwhelming and gave me a homely feeling.

Next morning, I joined all the other colleagues at Deerwalk office at Lexington. It was pleasure meeting everyone and learning about the work culture at the US office. We had daily stand-up meetings to keep everyone updated on progress and if any issues as usual in Nepal office. I had a couple of meeting and presentation with Jeff, Rob and Suresh regarding mobile app which made everyone more clear on product development and it’s future implementations. Moreover, I also got a chance to meet the client for a new project and visit their office along with Sushant to learn about their project workflow which made my visit more worthwhile.

While adapting to their working environment on the weekdays, I managed time to visit few other states of US on the weekends. On the first and second weekends, we went to see places near Boston like MIT, Charles River, Park Street, Quincy Market and around Downtown. Bipul drove us to Merrimack, New Hampshire for some shopping and also Neeraj and I took a tour on a bus to Foxwood Resort Casino, Connecticut.

Thanks to Dave, I got a chance to watch NBA game “Boston Celtic vs Sacramento Kings” live at TD Garden, Celtics won of-course with Kyrie Irving in his best form.

Thanks to Dave, I got a chance to watch NBA game “Boston Celtic vs Sacramento Kings” live at TD Garden, Celtics won of-course with Kyrie Irving in his best form. The weekend after that, I took flight from east coast to west coast San Francisco, California. As planned, there I met another Deerwalker Sudan from Nepal office who was on vacation and took me to places like Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island and around Downtown. Then, we took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada and roam around upscale casino hotels in the strip, watched the show KA by Cirque du Soleil at MGM Grand, see the Vegas night light from High Roller Observation Wheel, and also managed to win money on Poker table to cover some of my travel expenses. On the last weekend, we went to New York and got a chance to see Central Park, One World Trade Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Skyline view from Rockefeller Center, Battery Park Museum, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square and many other places.

Besides traveling, I got a chance to taste different cuisines thanks to Rudra Dai’s welcome Margarita Mexican treat, Dave’s dinner and drinks party and Muna Bhauju’s wonderful Japanese Sushi lunch. Also thanks to Suresh, Sushant, Sagar, Saroj, Bipul, Abanish, Prayash, Pratik, Manish and everyone for treating me with local varieties of food and beers.

Wherever you travel, how much time you spend, it is never enough to be everywhere and see everything. But when you cover so much distance and differences, the home will still be the same, but something in our mind will be changed, and that changes everything. And I am very thankful to Rudra Dai and Deerwalk Management team for this change and opportunity.

Lastly, I would like to thank the entire Deerwalk family of US and all the colleagues at the apartment who made my trip really wonderful and memorable.

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