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Niche of nine

Niche of nine
212. Niche of nine
Photo By: DreamSky
Posted Date: 10-June-2008

The nine storey tower Dharahara standing tall. This tower, also known as Bhimsen Tower, has faced the stroke of the mighty earthquakes many times in the past. The one we are seeing today is the renovation of Juddha Shumsher. (wiki)

Innovative construction like this is a mile stone representing its contemporary time. Though we are painfully missing such mile stones that would represent OUR time, have we at least been climbing this tower to enjoy the panorama (or to pay homage to its creator?).

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0 thoughts on “Niche of nine

  1. I can see a living thing at the top-left side of picture near the Tower…. A flying bird….. wow!!! I have a good vision.

  2. Nice Work! Beautifully captured Sunset across the horizon with shadowy structures and Dharahara. The hue and colour of dusk is bedazzling. Sky seems to be literally dreamy. 😉

  3. Nice picture but where is the ‘LIFE’? I think this section should be renamed as ‘Picture of Nepal’.

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