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Neural Network Expert Proposing his beloved this Valentine’s Day – An Unusual Proposal

Disclaimer: Beware!!, This post contains weird style of expressing LOVE, and has a high probability of being commented as a CRAP!!

Its high time around this month, and many people planning to propose their beloved ones. One of my friend who is an expert in Neural Networks (specialization area in Artificial Intelligence), has sent an email to a girl (who is a Banker) formally proposing her, on this valentine’s day. He is expecting a positive reply when he faces her on “14th February 2009”.

Here is what he wrote:

My dear Beloved (please don’t be surprised if I use this word),

Whenever you come in front of me the threshold logic unit (TLU), up here, starts feeling the impulse. The impulse always reaches to hit the cardiac area. The way you look at me induces impulse at the “nodes of ranvier“. Whenever you touch me the axons transmit love impulses in the form of action-potentials. This signal goes all over my body and your soft words acts as neurotransmitter and travel around again to target the synaptic cleft of the neurons in the cardiac area. When these post synaptic potential integrates, then the effects of these integrated signal potential cause the overall love impulse to exceed a limiting potential. And the activation of my desire tend to fire the essence of love in every cells of my body.

My cells always starts to fire the love music whenever I talk with you, whenever I see you or the moment I think of you. Right now also the action potential is increasing but if you promise to control your threshold logic unit (TLU), I can try to activate my pulses and confess something in front of you.

Dear, I feel like you are the one with whom I can share the heat of the love potential. I am confident your threshold is the same as mine. The need is to activate the impulse to exceed the threshold. Dear, there are basically two values for the love impulse carried by real neurons. 1 – is for the love potential and 0 – is for the resting potential. Can’t we reduce the ambiguity and make a synchronization of our love-potential to a single value?

I formally propose you, let us synchronize the value of our love potential to a digital 1. I am sure you will find a sigma, which will determine the sigmoid of your love impulse so that you can flatter your love curve to match mine. I love you…
See you on 14th Feb… Hugs and Kisses….

Lets see what happens, on 14th Feb. I am curious to know. As soon as I know from my friend I will share to all of you. I guess the Banker will have tough time reading this proposal, and checking out her accounts before she agrees (hope she does!!)

Happy Valentines Day!!

A word of caution for this Valentine’s Day:
Don’t get influenced by this write up. Keep your proposal “speech” as simple as you can.

94 thoughts on “Neural Network Expert Proposing his beloved this Valentine’s Day – An Unusual Proposal

  1. It’s the best time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I have read this post and if I could I wish to suggest you few interesting things or suggestions. Perhaps you could write next articles referring to this article. I desire to read even more things about it!

  2. By Banker,

    My dear enthusiastic customer,
    I understood your pulse as it sometimes grew up overflooding, such actions happen to my dear staffs in the table when they get overstuffed by hurried up customers on the line.

    I am sorry that since long i am running on deficit for the passion you care, actually i lended a lot of overdraft for my previous clients. They unintentionally turned to dishonest and now current account balance is insufficient to balance the deficit. A little bit of share valuation for my feelings recovered so am alive without surplus to lend for your pulse intensification.

    My dear honey,
    Though i could feel your threshold frequency, my unbalanced profit and loss account could not help me, coz. the effect might be temporary as balance sheet is all balanced, i would respect you determining till the end of fiscal year session before letting me down to bankrupt.

    Your dear,

  3. @ ResponsibleOne
    Extremely sorry for this. Actually it was a mistake. I was not that handy with the EU WordPress Dashboard. Was trying to delete an unsolicited comment, (that used a F word), and accidentally deleted, Luna’s, Prati’s, and I guess PerfectWriteup’s (or something like this) as well… It was unintensional, the deletion (except for the 4th one). And for closing the comments, I was trying to find if comment moderation is available or not. Comments are open for that post now, i guess..

    Extremely sorry for this. Hope you understand the scenario!!

    And I never mind comments, but offensive sentences and words are always a no no…

  4. About your previous post – i didnt like the way you have stopped comment in that post. If you dont wana hear other’s opinion then dont post your opinion. Its an offence to readers like me.

  5. never mind… 🙂 that’s my prompt response (u know sometime appears in mind)… 😆 but I think that would have been a test of EU visitors… but ya some hypocrite would feel offensed..(sorry no offense to any visitor)…. 😎

  6. @ Visitor:
    So, it was you. Actually I first edited Your comment, giving you sound recognition for the use of that word.

    But later you came up with word again. I am new to EU, and there are a lot of visitor’s who may see the use of these words as offense (yes, u can comment with the same word, in my personal blog “click hyperlink in my nickname”). Please don’t mind, for the deletion here..

  7. i personaly know Luna (She acknowledged about the post over chat as well), and have not seen loona. So, no one is impersonating I guess.. Though, Now on, loona is also a known identity to me, as a EU visitor.. btw thanks for applauding for the effort…

  8. Good Lord!
    I was not aware of the impersonation of commentor here as ‘Luna’ … Is anyone trying to impersonate me here or is this just a coincidence?
    I actually went thru the article and found it really wierd… anyways Mr Sensible, your effort to create such an Unusual Proposal… is quite interesting.

  9. Dear Mr.Sensible,

    A very romantic proposal (though didn’t get most of it!) 😉

    It’s post Valentine and I am as curious as any cat to know if your friend’s AI did its trick! 😆

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