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Rajendra Keshari Pandey



Surprise, and more surprise, it happened to me yesterday twice. A friend of mine gave me a cassette and the first song I accidentally played was a great song by the late Gopal Yonjon, who once sang an unbeatable masterpiece — DESH LE RAGAT MANGE MALAI BALI CHADHAU, RUNDINAN MERI AAMA U NEPALI KI CHHORI….. Then, I remembered immediately another one of his hit song — NEPALI NEPALA KO MAYA CHHA KI CHHANA…. that is very relevant here these days. An excellent song it was, and then in that same evening what I see in the web news is rather more surprising. A senior minister of the interim cabinet had said that the possibility of reaching a consensus has ended — Please see below the excerpt from http://www.nepalnews.com/ October 16, 2007.

Possibility of consensus has ended: Poudel

A senior minister of the interim cabinet has said the possibility of reaching a consensus among the seven parties on the demands put forward by the Maoists has ended after Tuesday’s meeting.

Nepali Congress vice president Ram Chandra Poudel. (File photo)

Talking to Nepal FM Tuesday evening, Ram Chandra Poudel, who is also the vice president of the Nepali Congress, said the possibility of reaching a consensus has ended and that his party was in favour of deciding the matter through voting in the parliament.

“Nothing remains to be talked about,” he stated, warning of further deepening of the political crisis.

It is learnt that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala during the seven party meeting earlier today had proposed to finalise the issue through parliamentary voting to end the deadlock.

However, Ishwor Pokhrel of the UML said the House session has been suspended in hope that consultation during the festival period would hold find a middle point on the stand taken by the Nepali Congress and the Maoists.

He said the demands by the Maoists were not inappropriate since they were the demands of the people during the Jana Andolan II, but suggested the process which the Maoist party adopted was not appropriate.

Maoist chairman Prachanda on Monday had warned of split in the alliance if their demands were not met.

Experts fear further complication in the peace process and deepening of the political crisis if the seven parties fail to reach consensus. nepalnews.com ia Oct 16 07

This continuous rhetoric of party, party and again party, seems meaningless to a Nepali. Without Nepal, Nepali does not exist and without Nepali, Nepal is not there, it will just be a space. What is there is there, and what is not there is never there. The way our politics is going at present, is hard to understand and even complicated to the political Pundits. So, how will the general public ever understand such a mess with all its complications.

On the same day I read another news article on the same site House adjourned after three-minute sitting, to resume on Oct 29.  My goodness the respected House (Parliament) is not a puppet of the parties. The house is kept waiting the whole day and concludes in 3 to 4 minutes. Nepali did not wanted this type of Loktantra where their voice is censored and then left out. Without Nepali being so generous, wholehearted and participating in the great change that has occurred, the present scenario would have been different. The parties would not be in existence. Nobody should now be allowed to manipulate the system, instead we must be thankful to the great heart and deeds of Nepali. Politicians should be obliged to Nepali for they have started the job of change which now needs to be maintained. NEPALI’S HEART IS BIGGER THAN THE PARTY CONSENSUS.


  1. Perhaps, Nepali people ought to question the efficacy of the so-called ‘janaandolans’. They only end up putting political parties in office without an agenda. And, if there is an agenda, there is no contingency plan, mechanism if the so-called representatives fail in their job. Are they then to stay in power no matter what?

    The “people” (couple hundreds of thousands that came to the streets) should have put forth these demands: apart from the demand for CA and abolition of monarchy, time frame for the CA to take place, the mechanism, and a contingency plan if the EPA fails. Then, are we to go for general elections to elect new representatives to then decide the fate of the nation? These questions were not asked. Because, our civil society leaders are jokers and don’t represent civil society. Because, there are no new leaders. Because, we have a habit of depending on one figure or a group of figures to do things for us. The CPA states that any misunderstanding or dispute between the Maoists and SPA will be decided by the law of the land. As far as the interim constitution is concerned, the maoists demand is against the constitution – case closed. But, in Nepal, political interests towers everything else, including Nepali people.

    Now, the EPA has failed twice to hold the CA. So, what now? As you all have said, is our parliament a playhouse for political parties. The point is, Nepali people are naive to expect that a handful of incompetent people and a radical force that should have been militarily defeated with American support would change their old ways.

    New leaders must rise. The present government should be terminated and replaced by a coalition government of legitimate representatives of various communities and ethnicities, an emergency must be declared and the Nepali army must be mobilized to maintain law and order. But, the Nepali army and its rank and file should be well versed about not deviating from their jobs.

  2. I hope those stupid political parties realize what nepali people really want and hope nepali people also come forward strongly to choose their leaders instead of being limited to room protest ( i am also one of them )and just waiting something good happens to the country some day and come forward together as nepali not as dalit , janajati, others, madhesi, woman and list is long to choose the right representative for the people and country. We all must be able to wipe out these pseudo self proclaimed representative of people, them only country will see a light. But the question is HOW ? That myself do not know.

  3. Rajedra has been quite critical but in a true sense. the stupiod political parties, their leaders and the most corrupted systems in any public related services in the country has made this country almost impossible for any corrections unless a great leader emergess from the crowd, becaue what was expected from the maoists also has been now realized that our expectations were very high. the great leaders of this nepal still seems to be awaited due to their most stupid action while postponing the election of CA. Why?? becauese there are also saboutours within the and are quite sucess to derail the anticipated election in the country.

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