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Rudra Pandey


Nepali Software Engineers, Please Think BIG!

Can Nepali engineers think big? Can Kathmandu valley become the silicon valley of South Asia? Can entrepreneurs in Nepal step up and move ahead with broader vision that there is a place for everyone? Can all the IT companies, no matter how tiny they are, work together and compete for the best resources so that people have choices to select employers instead of having to jump to few named ones? Can we stop bickering and finger-pointing? Can we grow up? Can we appreciate those who generate wealth by fair means and who work hard? Can we rise above jealousy? Can we dare facing multi-talented Indians with professionalism or continue to send our brothers to India to work as their BAHADURs and sisters to Bombay’s red light area? Can engineers stop thinking that ultimate goal in life is just go to USA and get a job and never look back to the home country? Can we help and appreciate those who want to start something new? Or we remain the way we are for many years to come? Let us ask these questions to ourselves and think for a minute? Please just for a minute! My Grandfather had a quote “One hundred year from now we all are dead.” Or in the long run we are dead and no business will have any value to us.
Let the people who have courage take risk thrive and succeed. If you can’t take risk or you continue to enjoy your work (which we all should as long as we get paid), just support those who take risk and work hard for greater rewards. We all should salute them. Many of us, times and again, run after rumor and question other’s integrity and honesty. That kind of behavior will not help us. Those of us who doubt other’s honesty will not succeed and will never be happy. Leaders are always questioned and they should be. But it should be done openly. Please do not hide behind the curtain and throw stones like a retarded person does. Come forward and face if you have a bit of self-respect. Those who pass offensive statements behind other’s back are losers and we all should ignore them rather than trying to explain to them.
I started this blog with the bunch of questions and I expect answer from you all. You do not need to change your name and spam the blog. If you are proud of yourself, please pass comments with real name. Do you? If you can’t, just keep it within yourself. You will need those answers sooner or later.
In Nepali, there is a saying “JUN THALMA KHAYO, THEHI THALMA HAGNE.” I see many of us sticking to this saying as we constantly bad mouth our employer and managers and forget the very fact they pay us so that we can buy our food. They trust us to hire when we have no experience and they train us when we are very green. “KHOLA TARYO LAURO BIRSYO.”
That’s why I say “learn to appreciate.”