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Nepali La Bokyo Doko

401. Nepali La Bokyo Doko
Photo By: Suresh Maharjan
Posted Date: 4th September 2009

In rural hilly areas of Nepal there aren’t any roads reachable by modern vehicles or any other means of transports. In these areas people carry food items, grass for live stocks, etc on there backs. They use hand made bamboo carrier basket known locally as “Doko”. Mostly children and women use this to fetch grass for live stocks from forests surrounding there village.

I’d like to invigorate the folktale of DOKO.

In Nepal, this doko explains its role in a family’s life. It is bought by its master, Yeh-yeh and used to carry babies, food, kindling wood, and eventually Yeh-yeh’s deceased wife Nei-nei. Yeh-yeh has a son who grows quickly into a man and who starts his own family. The doko reports happy occasions like weddings and births in which it plays a special part….

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