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Nepal National Games

347. Nepal National Games
Photo By: Bhanu Chalise
Posted Date: 7th April


The National games started 31 years ago in Nepal. Due to ups and downs in Nepali politics the 5th national games is being held 8 years after scheduled the time, starting at April 5th 2009. A total of 3,173 players are participating in this mega event. The inauguration was done by President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav amidst a fanfare at the Dasharath Stadium on 5th April 2009.

I was at home and could not resist taking shots. It is one of those shots that I took from my home (Banasthali) around 8-9 PM.

0 thoughts on “Nepal National Games

  1. Kada bhanu!!! I can imagine how this photo would be if you could click it from somewhere nearer. It’s all about the vision and you have got it. Keep it up!

  2. @ samir_insurer, yes it was 5 seconds shot, i used wall for tripod but cannot quite configure the settings due to blinking battery meter.
    Thank you all for such nice comments. I certainly shall be clicking more in coming days.

  3. @ Bhanu Chalise, Very Nice & Candid Shot. I must state that you have clicked perfectly&superbly.

    You must have taken without a Tripod & timing of 5 Sec. with handheld is not that easy task. What I liked the most in your picture is the “Vertical Composition”.

    Superb Composition of the Fireworks & Silhouette of Dharahara. Pls. keek clicking & posting.

  4. Bhanu,

    This is a nice work from inside to outside and you shall be touching by your own work in days to come-what a perspective?

    Cheers man!!

  5. Amazing capture of the place and the moment. Makes us feel proud to see something like this happening here in Nepal.

  6. You caught this from Banasthali, WOW, man its a great catch.
    Dharahara and the fireworks in the same frame, so beautifully captured.

    … beautifully done, Cheers to Bhanu!

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