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Nepal cautiously criticizes Saddam’s Execution

Saddam Hussein’s execution provokes anti Americanism in Nepal.

Nepal government has cautiously criticized Saddam Hussein’s death whereas; the incident has been widely protested across the country. Nepal’s Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, unlike before, was quick to protest Saddam Hussein’s execution. PM Koirala told the reporters on Saturday afternoon that Nepal government is always against any form of capital punishment.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister KP Sharman Oli has also labeled as an “act against humanity.” Oli has also warned that the incident may provoke further communal violence in Middle East.

Nepal’s major political parties have also expressed concern over Hussein’s execution. The Maoists have said they are “gravely concerned” and flayed the incident in strongest words. It has termed the decision as “blatant violation of human rights norms”.

CPN (Marxist Lenninist), People’s Front Nepal, Nepal Worker’s and Peasants’ Party and their student wings have flayed the incident.

The Human rights activists have also condemned the incident. Whereas, many student wings have organized protest rallies against the decision. There are reports of protest from throughout the country. The Muslim community in the community has also protested against the incident. There are reports from South western town of Butwal that Muslims staged a protest rally against the decision.

Growing Anti Americanism
Unlike earlier, Nepal government has become quicker on responding to the incident. The then government of Sher Bahadur Deuba supported the US invasion in Iraq in 2003. At that time also, the Communist factions spoke against the invasion. However, Deuba didn’t pay heed to them that he was supported by the US in the fight against Maoist rebels at home. This time the situation has changed. Prime Minister Koirala has rather strongly criticized the execution.

And the Communist factions have become stronger on criticism. Generally, the Communist parties have termed this incident as domination by American Imperialism. Hence, sometimes they are termed as inherently anti-American. The people at the street have been chanting anti American slogans. The Maoists have also joined the mainstream coalition to protest against the decision. A press release by the party says “Hussein’s execution – orchestrated by the Bush administration – is not only a grave violation of human right but also a glaring example of the US’s double standards on the issues of human rights and democracy.”

Whatever the result in world politics after the incident, it is surely to ignite more anti American feelings among Nepalese.

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