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Nepal Army observes its anniversary

Nepal Army observed its anniversary cum Mahashivaratri festival Friday. Army’s anniversary is taken as an occasion to exhibit its skills and also strength. It was the first time Nepal Army observed its anniversary in the new name (after recent deletion of the Royal from its name).

A dog’s performance during the NA’s anniversary at Sainik Manch, Tundikhel

Meanwhile, giving a message on the Army Day, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has expressed the confidence that Nepali Army will work as per the aspiration of Nepali people for the protection and promotion of democratic norms and values.

Likewise, Chief of the Army Staff (CoAS) Rookmangud Katawal has also expressed commitment to the democratic norms and values, its apolitical image respect to national and international humanitarian laws, rule of law.

Till last year, it was loyal to the King and the palace. However now, it is supposed to be loyal to the civilian government. The army also broke the tradition of previous years that the King was the Chief Guest of the Army Day function. Chief of the Army Staff (CoAS) Rukmangad Katawal observed the function as the Chief Guest.This gave me a curiosity to observe the occasion. Here are a few pictures that I could shoot while observing the occasion.

The Sainik manch with dignitaries

The band Master guides through the musical performances

Musical performance -1

Musical performance -2

Decorated Manch

Parachutists in the sky

Parachutists approaching the ground

Parachutists – 3

The crow and the Parachutist

Up above the sky so high ….

Dog Show -2

Weaponries in the exhibition -1

Weaponries in the exhibition -2

Weaponries in the exhibition -3

Heavy weaponries at the Khulla Manch after exhibition

Tanks and other carrier vehicles

A statue if Rana time Prime Minister at the corner of Tundikhel

(All pics Indra Dhoj Kshetri)

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  1. Praj- I think someone from EU will get back to you Monday. You should be able to register as a blooger and post your own photo and stuffs. I do not think they allow commenter to upload photo. Please click “be a blooger” link and apply to be a blogger.

    Jay Nepal!

  2. thank for the providing us with the picture but i have a really interesting picture to prove how foolish these army people are.i am new to this blog,so tried to register so that i could upload those pictures,how do i do that????while i register am i just allowed to upload my article.I agree with both sanjeeb and geeta,top brass of the army need to be changed what has the government done till now to the murderer of parliamenterian yadav,why did noone during the madhesi andolan come out with this issue.i was reading that the guy called deleep shunshere was caught by the rangers in chitwan while killing the endangered ratau and similarly i recently read that some pritana pati some jung thapa guy in westen nepal,smashed his ardeli because he hadnt fed the gen’s dog on time and the poor guy has been hospitalised with a perforated ear drum.both these guys deleep shumshere and jung thapa guy have been recommended for promotion to the post of major generals.what about the ardali issue???where are all the human rights watch dogs.nepalese army need to chagne for good.girja and katuwal,just delivering speeches are not going to solve the problem.act now.what can be expected of katuwal,a guy who was raised inside a palace,hard core supporter of the king.jai nepal

  3. NA still has bunch of idiots – RANAs and SHAHs – as Generals. They lick King’s butt everyday. What do you exepct from them. All of them must be fired and prosecuted for what they have done.

    Jay Nepal…

  4. Things are changing !!! Good.
    I wonder why have the army people not removed “raja/rani ko jay hos” boards from the Tribhuvan Army Officers Club.
    Common, it doesn’t take anything … just pull it off !!!

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