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Nepal’s Two Best Software Companies?

The Kathmandu valley which welcomes about 1,000+ new software engineers every year is hungry for professional software companies. The first professional software company that Kathmandu engineers got to know and experience with was D2hawkeye (D2) Services Pvt. Ltd. (www.d2hawkeyeservices.com). D2 changed the way engineers used to be treated in the traditional software firms in Nepal. Once D2 started the business in 2001, the pay scale for engineers almost tripled and it attracted all experienced and smart engineers firms like Mercantile, World Link, WDN, Serving Minds, Yomari and many others. D2 enjoyed the best of the best for years and it still does. In D2 engineers in Nepal got an opportunity to test what it was like having the professional management and how the enterprise level software application was developed end to end. While working for D2, bright and young Nepali engineers developed industry leading software application for US healthcare market. D2’s success continues at a different scale after its acquisition by US giant called Verisk Analytics (www.verisk.com). Verisk’s healthcare subsidiary Verisk Health (www.veriskhealth.com) depends heavily on its Nepali talent pool. With D2’s success, many Nepalese entrepreneurs in US have learned that real application software (other than LAMP websites) actually can be developed in Nepal. With such learning and conviction, Nepalese investors from USA have started another American software company Deerwalk Inc with Nepali subsidiary called Deerwalk Nepal Pvt. Ltd (www.deerwalk.com). Deerwalk (DW) with offices in Boston and Kathmandu, like that of D2, has reached to 25+ employees within a few months of operation and it strives to do many things D2 could not do in the local market. It is currently developing an industry leading Mobile Cash application for one of its Banking partner in Nepal and very soon, its technology wing will touch Nepalese lives for the better.   Deerwalk values its employee talents the most like D2 and its technology is led by a highly skilled and dynamic MIT graduate Himal Karmacharya. People are questioning Rudra Pandey’s involvement in Deerwalk. His influence can’t be minimized as Muna Joshi is seen in the executive team of the new co. Rudra had a dream of building 1,000 plus engineering shop in Nepal. Certainly, he could not fulfill that as D2’s ownership changed in the middle of the road. His friends and ex-colleagues from D2 believe that he won’t stop. Is Deerwalk the answer? We need to wait and see as Rudra recently got promoted to the Chief Operating Officer at Verisk Health.
It is now widely known among Nepalese engineers that D2 and Deerwalk are the two best software companies of Nepal and they will co-exist and one will lead the other in growth. There are enough smart engineers in Nepal for many more D2s and DWs to come.

0 thoughts on “Nepal’s Two Best Software Companies?

  1. IT Companies in nepal, all other IT companies are useless fruitless and burden for this country. How you claim you represent all It companies of Nepal? CAN Computer Association of Nepal is for hardware and worthless these days after elections.

  2. I am an IT student and looking for an internship.Please suggest me where to apply.I want to learn new things so I can manage even if I am not paid. Because my aim to do intern in a good company and learn a lot.

  3. I am seeking a new job as a developer. this is the first time and the very first job of my life. so i am looking for a part time job in java. which company would be better for me? I need some salary as well. I would be very thankful for any reply.

  4. What type of salay does a programmer get in nepal if they are fresh from university , a junior programmer, or a very senior, highly experienced programmer?

  5. i don’t have much good knowledge about ..developing but am just learning…
    and i want to hold job as soon as i complete my studies…
    i am ready for every challenges..
    hope for your good regards !! 🙂

  6. i also wanted to apply ..for software engineering..to develop software..
    what and where should i post?? among these two which one is the best of the best??
    and what’s the reasonable salary ??

  7. All naysayers, how was the prediction? Deerwalk (www.deerwalk.com) is now the second biggest in Nepal. Team D2 and Deerwalk rock!

  8. ok….that was grt discussion…..so im currently studing electronic n comm.. but im interested in programming n want 2 dedicate myself in this field……i hav knowledge on JAVA but not excellent…..so i want learn more but as an intern….which company should i choose…..HELPPPPPPPPP

  9. Congratulations to DWIT promoters! I heard that DWIT got the LOI from the ministry of education. Also, congratulations for tapping someone like Manoj Shahi as the President of DWIT. Manoj is a no-nonsense and fearless manager.

  10. Both of these companies do not even serve Nepal market, how can they be Nepal’s two best? They are US companies as they serve US market. Yes, I like DWIT concept as that is totally dedicated to Nepalese crowd.

  11. I like the concept of DWIT…really we need engineers to be best fitted in the current market to deliver as per market demands…not just graduates for so called recognized college….

  12. hi donttrust, true, if deerwalk were going to be successful, DWIT was not needed, since DW is not suspected to success, DWIT is another boulder as DW cannot be trusted by RP, this discussion was originated by a kid true

  13. One kid wrote Nepal’s 2 best companies are D2 & DW. hahahahaha.. Other bunch of kids are arguing on that. Shame on u guys. If you argue like this then you are going nowhere. So grow up and have some passion on your work.

  14. @DWIT – what RP learned is that there is more money to be made in education industry than in running software companies.

  15. Deerwalk is going to rock as it is now entering into a joint venture to start an engineering institute called Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT). Deerwalk execs know what they are doing. They know the quality of engineering graduates coming from institute like IOE and KU. These colleges produce bunch of nerds who lack communication and leadership skill. Hopefully, DWIT and Deerwalk joint venture will allow us see a new chapter in the field of IT in Nepal, just like D2Hawkeye and Rudra Pandey did 10 years back.

    All the best DWIT promoters. Heard you guys already acquired a city campus too. Way to go.

  16. Need to alert people , not to go to Javra .. they lure u take your certificates , and also file law suit also , it is a very dangerous company. They can fire you with one day notice but if they require you they will keep you force fully like in jail … and managers are fools there … they think making software is like pissing the chakki they measure it in minutes of time spent on the desk… not on how much task is completed or their talent …so be aware guys they might give you more salary but will ruin your life by making you to program in their own language (called as progress ) but if you are a chaplus or a hoar you can join this company lol.

  17. Hello all,
    I see all these comments and these all are really interesting.But what do u(all) suggest for new commers either in D2 or Deerwalk?

  18. apply to deerwalk or d2hawkeye only the two competing companies in nepal, others useless, also write where u studying which subject ur skills abilities successes

  19. hi i am basanta and i am student of it collage so that i need one special software company for join and learn about software development so that if ur company promote to new commerce then sir, contact me

    name :- basanta dhakal
    ktm nepal

    if ur company provide to learn and work then sir i am here

  20. o search engine visitor, how u know all details of current deerwalk unable to cope up with modern software pace? may be deerwalk will vacate d2 now ehehe

  21. OK, who is in the top these days? D2, Deerwalk, Javra or Serving Minds? Why is even Deerwalk’s name listed here? I heard Deerwalk is struggling because they can’t find the resources they need. That’s right, Mercantile was vacated by D2.

  22. All companies want big profits.
    Besides if a company has good infrastructure, gives good salary ( in terms of Nepal) but in time without delay, some extra activities then its a good place to work. For self-development, as a software engineer, one should do research and studies, create own products with new ideas besides office work. If anyone’s aim is to be rich then go be a broker or a bussinessman or be a politician.
    If u want to be a technically sound and engineering is your passion, prove urself first. Just working in D2 or any other place is not enough to prove one a good software engineer.

    Talking about the companies, the place I worked before joining D2, Sturdy Software Solutions is also a very good company. It gives better salary than D2, freedom at work, flexibility in work timing, salary in time and other good facilities. No torture, no goru jotai. But only problem is that company is very small with just a small group of employees.
    So, none is perfect. Love ur proffession than ur company.
    best of luck….be a good engineer….prove urself.

  23. deerwalk not best:
    deerwalk website extemely slow flash programming too bad, again u can see picture of link in front page but inside it is not seen. you will rarely see share to facebook icon, instead of giving quick message , it requires 3 level of clicks to reach somewhere. again it has errors like Webpage Script Errors

    Message: ‘ContentFlow’ is undefined
    Line: 39
    Char: 9
    Code: 0

  24. dear rosik huhu hitechvalley rajeshshakya re tyo maanchhe kanjus chha aafu matra kamauchha employee laai khan didaina. Ebpearls poorest managemnt, dont give proper salary , similarly elementsNepal, Javra,nexusnepal,websearch all are craps with worst management theories in practise. EB pearls they talked lot here has nothing than meagre logic. gorus, all gorus same jotne ho

  25. I would rate hitechvalley as no1, way above D2.Rajesh shakya has shown consistency over the years with his 200+ programmers.
    Nepal has long been developing software other than LAMP based web software.Author needs to do more research about Nepali software industry.
    Also whats wrong developing LAMP based website, some Nepali companies have produced world class LAMP based software and being used all over the world.

    So its biased calling deerwalk as a top 2 companies as its still new. 25 programmers these days is nothing new.

    Some of the companies to watch out are ebpearls, elementsNepal, Javra,nexusnepal,websearch .they all have big footprints overseas but not known in Nepal.

  26. Hey, all this chitchat really made me confused. Isn’t Deerwalk a sister organization of D2? I heard that they also pay same salary as in D2, isn’t it true?

  27. how good a company is EB pearls then? They have better and frequent review and product management than D2 or deerwalk….

  28. Sachchi, tyo DW ko hiking ko pic ma ta sabai nachineka kta haru po chhan ta ho, (hamile)chine ka jadainan ki pics rakhdainan??huna ta nabhyayerai hola, aajkal kam garnani teti jadainan jasto cha,teta tira…..

  29. Ma pani GORU party ko sadasya ho hai. Hana yo “D2 Employee” chahi ko ho yaar chinnai parne bho baaa….. Aru koi na gaye pani yo chai DW ma chitai dekha parchha hai keta ho herdai gara

  30. “……its technology is led by a highly skilled and dynamic MIT graduate” – ya right where MIT should stand for My Irresponsible Treatment. I had the impression that the real MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) produced fine and genuine graduates.

  31. Hera sathi ho, timi chahe DW ma kaam gara chahe D2 ma, j bhaye ni GORU joteko jasto jotinu ta cha, weekend ma call garekai chhan dubai ma, kam din raat pelaakai chha, dubaima, bis hajar diyera kekkena gare bhaneka chhan, 20 lakh ko kaam ma 20 hajaar diyera danga bhaka chhan bhan thaneka holaan, aba ko 1 barsha bhitra ma dubai company ka cream cream manchhe haru US ko University ma hune pakka ho, buda/BUDI haru matra hune ho dubaima, kina aafu aafu tauko dukhauchhau yar.kamaun khaun, Nepal basun jel yeso GRE padne jel kina bauko paisa kharcha garau bhanera kaam gareko ho, ali ali sikeko ta ho.Balai bhayena ni, Aabesh ma na aau.Mane hamro party ko dharana yo ho la.

  32. Thanks guys… I really don’t want to defame D2 in anyway… It is still a good company but its management (specially HR – which is non-existent yet) needs to step up to support its bright pool of employees rather than “Pack of your bag and go find next home” approach.

  33. Oopsy “D2 Employee”……. I understand it NOW. Thanks. Seems like I hurt you or your boss’s sentiment. You don’t represent a D2 employee but the “PROFESSIONAL” D2 management approach…….. hire happy and productive ppl and when they are unhappy, show them the Exit door without even caring to know the reasons, leave apart addressing them. You raised an unnecessary debate but that was not my focal point here. I just couldn’t digest the author declaring the seemingly ‘One man show’ rating of software companies in Nepal. And yes read above – I never said I am unhappy and I am with D2. By the way have you ever talked to Vishnu Dai? Go do it if you haven’t.

  34. Some questions;

    – A company with more than 200 employees and no HR department and still has professional management ?
    – 25+ employees in few months and it is already ‘the best’ software company?
    – Was there any research done to find the best software companies? If yes, what are the bases and where is the actual findings?
    – What is the employee turnover of so called ‘Best’ company? anybody considered it?

    Before publishing something on public domain, writer should consider strong evidences to support his statements. This kind of write-up only makes him silly and stupid.

    PS: The author of this comment is not related with both of the best companies in any manner.

  35. hey dear so called “D4 Hawk Eye” – if you are so unhappy, why are you still working for D2? D2 wants happy and productive people. Pack of your bag and go find next home. This is employment at will. They do not force you to work there. Hope you understand it now. Do not do \”cry baby\” things here. Get life. Go hiking if you are depressed as Vishnu Dai says.

  36. This post seems to be heavily influenced… No Doubt whatsoever…
    I would like to question the poster, where did he got this rating of software companies specially Deerwalk being the best software company in Nepal… Wake up boy… No doubt D2 has set a benchmark for other software companies here but the employees are not as happy as they were before…and….PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT…
    Phuuuuuhhhhaaaahhhhhhhhh… you got to be in marketing department of Deerwalk… My honest suggestion: RESIGN IMMEDIATELY

  37. ..I think he is dreaming to build up DeerWalk as quickly as possible so that he can sell that to another company and make Millions Again..

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