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Nature’s Pure Delight

Nature’s Pure Delight
226. Nature’s Pure Delight
Photo By: Shutterbug
Posted Date: 2nd July 2008

Butterfly is one of the most beautiful of all insects. People have always been charmed by the delicate, gorgeously coloured wings of butterflies and their beauty inspires many poets, artists and photographers.

Nepal has 11 out of the 15 (about 643 species) families of butterflies in the world. I was able to capture this picture of Monarch Butterfly after chasing it more than 15 minutes on the bank of Trishuli River near Krishna bhir.

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-LIN Editor


0 thoughts on “Nature’s Pure Delight

  1. Thank you all for your nice compliments. DreamSky! Inspiration is all that counts for a creative person like you, whether it’s metamorphosis or beauty. Keep getting inspire and let others get inspire.

    Dear Me, Myself and I!
    Don’t take this word ‘LIFE’ literally. Life here in EU’s ‘Life in Nepal’ photography series is about Nepal, Nepali and Nature. Seem like you are unaware of ‘Life in Nepal’ photography series’ Rules and Guidelines otherwise, you won’t be asking this question. And please don’t worry about who’s wrong or who’s right. Let’s make both ‘win win’ situation instead. Be positive in ‘LIFE’.

    I suggest EU Admin to publish this ‘Rule and Guidelines’ of LIN’s photography series here in
    EU as well. Access to Flickr Pool to read those information is limited to yahoo users only. So, why not put those information here in EU as well.

    Bishwa! I am glad, picture above inspired you too and it’s a nice ‘Poem’. Thank you for your poetic comment.

  2. Thanks Mona… i read the description: “beauty inspires many poets, artists and photographers.” so i asked myself … why not me? 😉 …

    The butterfly in the picture looks too real, with the blurred background…its a fine shot indeed.


  3. nice shot, shutterbug.

    @AshishP: Always have to criticize to everything, do you? 🙄 😆

  4. If it is just “life in Nepal” i.e. all living organisms’ life in Nepal , then this picture can be here, otherwise not. 😀

  5. Now, how come this picture represent ‘LIFE’ in Nepal? I think this section should contain pictures that represent or exhibit life of the people in Nepal. May be its only me who is wrong here. 🙂

  6. painted colors
    flying flowers
    flapping wings
    with smooth swings
    like leaves swaying
    in cool breeze

    spots of white
    orange shines
    shades of yellow
    that look so fine
    without a sound
    they pass by
    pretty little butterflies..

    nature’s an artist
    can’t deny!

    Great Capture!! Thumbs up!!

  7. Awesome shot! lovely bokeh!! That must be a Male Monarch, right?.

    For me, their metamorphosis amazes and inspires me the most rather than their beauty. Mystery of the majestic nature.

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