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17 thoughts on “नयाँ प्रस्तावित राष्ट्रिय गान

  1. Jyu,
    Bado byakul sabda haru ko ucchar garnubhha jasto chha. ‘Hami’ shabda ‘Ma’ bata suru huncha, baru ‘Ma’ kohu ra kina hun tyo po herau ani matrai ‘Timi’ ani ‘Hami’. Yo desh ko nagarik tapai pani ho, na birsanu hos.


  2. Hello Red, I am glad to see your response here. Its fine this song being posted on your website. I would prefer my name to be quoted there as सिग्देल माइला .

  3. oh, sorry for my last comment. looked over the comments and found the answer to my question.

    since you’ve singled out my blog, http://rednepal.com, I feel compelled to write. i found this article on one of the facebook groups, as i’ve mentioned on my website. i’d posted it because i wanted to share this with a larger audience. i could delete this post on my blog or put it there with you as the writer. Let me know what you prefer.

  4. i’m just curious. if you’re the original writer, why is this posted here more than 10 days after its been posted on different facebook groups and everywhere.

  5. Thanks a lot for the reply. Good Job!!
    And yes it was end of march and not feb. I checked it. Thanks again for the reply.

  6. Dear Mr Sensible,

    Thanks for liking it and showing your concern about the originality of this piece. Probably u saw this piece around end of March, not februrary (u would check). I had posted it first in my college google groups (ioe060bct@googlegroups.com). Here is the link.


    However, it has been forwarded and posted in many other sites, blogs without quoting my name even. I found one such link as http://www.rednepal.com/

    Writing this parody was not difficult to me and only consist of some tweaks in Vyakul Maila’s writing. It depicts the true picture of problems and scenarios in Nepal. I am myself mahilo in my family and so goes the name SIGDEL MAHILA.

    I’ve also encountered few mouths rebuking me for making the parody to National Anthem. I also think that huge praises for this writing is not required. Also I would not feel myself happy with people knowing me for the parody on National Anthem that is of great respect and honor. (personally I don’t admire it much).

    You would go through my writings that I’ve posted in EverestUncensored through the link below to know my penchant to Nepali literature via http://www.everestuncensored.org/author/msigdel/

    Thank U all.

  7. I read this new anthem through e-mail forwards, and some other blogs as well, somewhere around end of february. Its nice.

    But is it that Mr Sigdel is the original writer of this piece??? (some doubts, only)

    If yes, then this is great, If no you must quote the source and still can get cheers!!

  8. I agree with dhilung..
    वर्तमानको सापेक्षमा पहिलो गान is close to the truth ,
    भविश्यको सापेक्षमा दोस्रो..let’s hope so..

  9. Thank You so much Rudra dai, Dhilung, Awsiv and Suresh. I’ll share my writings and polish my skills further.

  10. Madhav – ati sundar chha ra ramailo chha. very nice flow and rhyme. you are awesome.


  11. reality…yethartha….baya ma cha……daya chahi…rastrya gan nai ho….aru k bhanu….

  12. oho, ahile ko rastriya gaan nai thaha chaina… naya aaisakyo?

    la la ramro chha सिग्देल माइला.. keep ’em coming!

  13. Very satirical … first line is too hilarious 🙂

    दुबै गान सत्यको समिप छन्। वर्तमानको सापेक्षमा पहिलो गान , भविश्यको सापेक्षमा दोस्रो.

  14. Hello All,

    I have proposed new national anthem for Nepal.

    नयाँ प्रस्तावित राष्ट्रिय गान र हालको राष्ट्रिय गानलाई दायाँ र बायाँ राखिदिएको छु। कुन चाहिँ सत्यको समिप छ, तथ्यको नजिक छ, त्यो विचार गर्ने जिम्मा पनि साथीहरुकै ।

    धन्यावाद !!!

    सिग्देल माइला (Madhav)

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