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Narayan Chalise’s US Visit

In Nepal many people dream about visiting United States and among them I am one too. My dream came true on July 30th, 2018, I was given an opportunity to visit United States of America ; the land of dreams. I along with my colleague Raghu started our journey from TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport). We flew from Kathmandu to Boston via Abu Dhabi and New York. Upon arrival in Boston we took a taxi to go to the office and there we met the US office colleagues. We then went to the hotel where our accommodation was planned.

Monday through Friday we went to office to do our regular work. On weekends we planned to visit new places and experience new things.

Narragansett Town Beach Visit:
The First week, we went to Narragansett beach which is located in Rhode Island state and is a town beach. We paid 10 dollars as an entrance fee. We went there with Sanjeev dai, Ashay dai, Saroj dai, Manish, Kishor, Barsesh, Pratik, Raghu and swam in the ocean while playing beach volleyball. It was an awesome experience in beach playing with the waves. It is a rather small beach as compare to others beaches I visited.

New York Visit:
The second week, we went to New York through Megabus. We reached Times Square on Friday at 10 PM , there were so many people busy taking pictures and enjoying New York .
The next day, it was raining throughout the day, though we managed to visit 9/11 Memorial Museum, central park and quick snap at the Bull and ferry ride to Statue of Liberty. Next day, we went to see the world trade tower and enjoyed the sights from peak of the tower which was 104th floors high.

Washington D.C. Visit:
The fourth week, we went to the Washington D.C. where we snapped some photographs in front of White House, Capitol Hill, Monument, Lincoln Memorial, National Gallery of Art. The Space Museum was an awesome, I also experienced virtual space reality over there and was an incredible feeling.

I heartily thank Deerwalk for providing this opportunity to me and my sincere thanks to all who made my stay memorable. My special thanks to Muna Bhauju for hosting such a wonderful lunch and Mahesh ji for all the help and taking us around Boston. And thanks to Namita didi, Mukta didi, Rebika didi and Suresh dai for amazing dinner.

[Narayan Chalise, Senior Software Engineer at Deerwalk Services Pvt Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from July 31 to August 31, 2018]

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