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Hiking from Nagdhunga to Naikap

Date: April 27, 2008, Sunday
Participants: SurendraA, Mrs. Adhikari, AnaA, ShameshJ, BikramS, MaheshR, SanjeetB, ManojR
Hiking Route: Nagdhunga – Naikap
Total Distance covered: 18 kms (approx)
Duration: 6 hours
Report By: Shamesh Joshi, Mahesh Raj Regmi
Caption: Shamesh and Bikram
Photos: Shamesh, ManojR and Surendra
CreativeS: NishchalS/Ashish Shrestha
Moment with myself
Hiking after such a long period. I love hiking and always plan to take part. After some here and there adjustments I finally participated in one. The hiking from NaagDhunga to Naikap. It was a pleasant morning with appetite for nature, for fresh air, for a change. With a bunch of enthusiastic fellow men, the hike begun in the regular schedule. Covering the New Nepals amendment, participation of all. Briddha (Surendra), Mahila (Mrs. Adhikari), BalBalika (Miss Anna) and youth (us)  , we were moving like a wind trying to concord the world.
Our starting point NaagDhunga seems to be quite busy with all the vehicles rushing in and out of the valley. With the blow of refreshing air, we started our hike. The starting was rough with steep way, but as we move on our body accommodated itself filling with joy and energy. The nature must have done some magic on us.
On the ascend, we encounter with Mother Nature’s love and blessing. We had chance to taste wild fruits like Aaiselus and Kafals. Guys expressed their joy like our ancestors jumping and hanging from the tree. Flowers welcomed on the way, cool breeze made our path easier. The trip was marvelous.
The way was quite interesting, moving from hill top to hill top, from open area to jungle. It was a joy ride. On our way, we were able to encounter with our past, our culture, our tradition, the DahaChowk. Dahachowk is also known as Indra daha. Worshiper comes once a year to fulfill their dream, to offer Lord Indra in the grand mella during Indra jatra. This place carries the history and remembrance from the past. Daha chowk was built by King Yog Narendra Malla during Malla regime in 16th century. The place was full of temples. It was like a place for god goddess to rest. We too had a little rest over there.
On our way we encountered another religious place. This time it was a Bouddha Monastery, Drigung Kagyud Rinchen Palri Monastery. The monastery covers a considerable area on the hill top accommodating hostels for the Buddhist monk lads. It was another paradise. We enjoyed every bit of time over there watching and admiring the effort invested to construct such a massive and beautiful place.
After a breath taking moment in the monastery, we headed toward our destination, Purano naikap. On our way back, we saw an Engineering consultancy, Modern Creation Engineering Consultancy, established on one of the traditional village home. It made me smile made my heart filled with pride. Our nation is moving on to the better future.
We ended our hike by having a hearth full lunch in Bakery, Teku.
I must say it was yet another achievement of my life. Getting closer to nature, feeling the presence of lord, experiencing the past in present. It was a moment with myself.
– Shamesh Joshi
Nagdhunga – Naikap Hiking
Waiting for almost half an hour at Naikap, the van arrived finally. As decided, the route for the hike was from Nagdhunga- Dahachowk – Ramkot. But, we shortened the route from Dahachowk-Naikap. Picking up the van at Naikap, we move ahead towards Thankot, Nagdhunga. We were total 8 hikers including Mrs. Adhikari and Miss Ana.
We started another new and interesting hike, climbing up from Nagdhunga. As usual almost all of us were tired during initial half an hour of steep hike. On the way, we met on local old women grazing her domestic goats and we chatted with her. We came to know that in local area there is of our near future president Prachanda (hmmmm…) . One of us told her we were going to Naikap, and she looking amazed and confused told us that this was not the right way or was difficult one to go Naikap. She showed us the proper way was the same highway that we travelled earlier by our vehicle. Making somehow clear to her that we were here to travel the difficult, steep, jungle trail rather than the highways, we left Nagdaha.
The scenes on the way were beautiful and romantic. Manoj Dai enjoyed himself by taking beautiful snapshots of mountains, insects and flowers. Then, crossing the jungle we reached almost open mountain where we had a rest. With the clear view of Kathmandu valley and nearby hills and mountains we had a little refreshment there. Shamesh Dai was quite busy describing about the place to his someone from Baitadi. We then moved ahead towards our destination Dahachowk gossiping with each other and the little Ana. She gave nicknames to almost all of us. In her own language Manoj (Nabolne Uncle), Sanjit Dai (Cute Uncle), Mahesh Dai (Villain Dai, don’t know why?) and so on. As we moved on, Surendra dai was lagging behind as he had to support her wife to climb the rocky and slippy mountain.
We reached our first destination Dahachowk and were amazed to look at the ‘Daha’ without a single drop of water. But, the temples and surrounding looked artistic and we came to know that the temples were built in the Malla Period.
Having ‘Aaiselus’ and ‘Kafals’ on the way, we reached the ‘Gumba’ (with name something difficult to pronounce). We were surprised and amazed to look at the beautiful and gigantic structure on the top of a remote mountain. As Engineers, we estimated its cost to be more than 1 Arab. We then returned back to the football ground at Purano Naikap and got to D2’s van. Crossing the Traffic Jam at Kalanki, we reached Bakery Café at Teku where we had a delicious lunch (let’s say it dinner) to complete another wonderful memorable Sunday Hiking.
In two ways, this hike was quite different and memorable. First we walked on the top of the mountains rather than ups and downs (as we earlier used to). And second, the mountains and villages were my neighborhood place. Though I was not familiar to this place, I had to pretend as if I knew the place centuries ago.
– Mahesh Regmi

1. Thankot Bypass

2. Political Sign

3. Building blocks of Kathmandu

4. padheri Ko devi

5. Wait

6. Help

7. Move on

8. Wild Beauty

9. Huf Huf

10. Nature

11. Distant

12. Have a rest

13. Professional shooter

14. On the way

15. Cactus Tree

16. Moving On

17. Two Bokas

18. Together

19. LaliGurans full of Lali.

20. Have a chilly refreshment

21. Is this way to Indra Daha

22. Guidence

23. Family

24. Locals-heading-to-kathamndu

25. One two one two

26. Finally reached to Indra Daha

27. Water is filled during procession of Indra Jatra

28. Symmetry

29. Group on rest

30. Visit Nepal

31. Sila Lekh of 1621 by Yog Narendra Malla

32. Trust on Stone

33. Shiva Linga in Shade

34. Last Glimpse of Indra Daha

35. Exit Gate

36. Cameoflas

37. Cotton Bud

38. Trapped Beauty

39. Standing Tall

40. Dispersed

41. Acting as Our Ancestors

42. Ancestor 1

43. Ancestor 2

44. Ancestor 3

45. The Team Lead

46. Whats going on.

47. Banjar

48. Water for Hiker

49. Tripta Attma.

50. Drigung Kagyud Rinchen Palri Monastery, Balambu, Kathamndu

51. Way to Peace

52. Colors

53. Path way to peace

54. Talking to God

55. The Monastery

56. Lets Roll the Bell

57.Two Lals

58. Om mani padme Hoom

59. Peace

60. Pose

61. Standing Tall

62. The last rest

63. Engineering Consultancy

64. Alian Communication Device

65. Koiralo, used to make spices

66. Reaching High

67. Waiting for Us

68. The Last Supper

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