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Naag Panchami Festival

390. Naag Panchami Festival
Photo By: Rina Maharjan
Posted Date: 27th July 2009

Devotee thronging to worship the serpent deity with great reverence on Naag (Serpent deity) during Naag panchami festival at Naagpokhari, Naxal yesterday. This festival is celebrated nationwide seeking protection from monsoon-related disasters each year.
People paste pictures of Naag above the main gate of their houses, with the belief that houses will be protected from lightning and fire and their family from misfortune.

0 thoughts on “Naag Panchami Festival

  1. Ever changing tradition, the festivals even getting commercialized.

    And the pic seems to be taken in hurry “No time to compose it properly”.

  2. Thank you all for commenting.

    Dear Admirer (rerimda)

    Thank you for doing comment even late. Feel free to do comment and criticism here in ‘Life in Nepal’ because it will help learner like me to improve ‘picture composition’ how to take pictures with aesthetics. I don’t have greater knowledge in ‘fine art’ which I guess is really important in photography. I will keep learning.

    And the white drapes I guess is audio speaker (sound system) for the live music concert which was schedule for the evening that day. You can also see other plastic drape behind and at the right, they are colorful lights for the music concert.

  3. am late but only because i wanted to avoid expressing my displeasure at the lack of aesthetics in the composition of this picture. nevertheless, barring the aesthetics, the spirit of ‘life in nepal’ exists in this picture and that has a weight of 90%, in my opinion, in the ‘life in nepal’ series. on a side note, i observe the white drapes at the center. what are they covering? any idea?

  4. Dear Lenscape
    From the point where Rina went to get this perspective of Naagpokhari, I hardly think she could opt other good option to avoid those banners. Sticking with this creative compose, I think it is not just those banners but also those wires which is hard to avoid. At least in a rare scenario, she can approach concern authority to remove those banners for her to take pictures which I think is also not possible because those banners are there because they know how news media will do coverage of ‘Naag Panchami Festival’. No doubt banners are intentionally to get media attention and promote their products. So there is not much to suggest avoiding those wires and banners if you want to take pictures of Naagpokhari on ‘Naag Panchami’ festival from such a unique perspective. So, you either take picture like Rina did, trying your best to exclude those banner or simply give up this idea of sush a creative compose.

  5. Good one Rina!!

    I agree with Shutterbug, about the wires but not for the banners. A photographer can do nothing in this scene for the banners (a layman like me in Photography thinks so)…

    Please do suggest any alternative to take the pic, so that the banners are not obstructing!!

  6. Creative and well composed picture, though those wires and commercial banners are obstructing a bit. Keep composing being CREATIVE.

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