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Hey! See the stars, the night is gazing at you
The dawn will soon enough gift you the dew
Rinse your face, accentuate your grace
the day is dazzling, Mr. Sun is in love with you.

You wake quiet,birds chirp the songs
when you whisper, they stop and listen
the rose garden blossom and the air is fresh
yet its incomplete, walk down my princess!

As you walk, streets get life again
people wonder, your beauty has intoxicated them
some mirth, glory and plenty of love is in eyes
you have gifted world the notions, then i realize!

We care, we share and for hours we are together
sad sky is crying, the rain is its tears
its dark so fast, jealous sun has set
good bye my princess, tonight in dream we shall meet!

4 thoughts on “****MY PRINCESS****

  1. Nice one anuj …
    Seems like you have a whole day package for your princes ….(morning – day – night- dreams)
    keep it up ..

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