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My indulgence with happiness

Thanks to my carelessness, I have been berated and scolded numerous times from all sorts of people, especially the dear ones. I am not punctual, not tidily dressed up, and often not affected by what is supposed to be a serious matter. There has hardly been a day where I have managed to get things proper and straight without much fuss. Remembering dates is something that has always let me down and yet, I must admit, I have hardly managed to recover from this habit of mine. Too many people have …

…suddenly turned their backs (many to forget and forgive knowing the kind of person I am) to me saying how on earth I could forget their birthdays. It’s not that I do not remember the dates but it’s always prefixed with the word ‘belated ‘ whenever I have tried wishing anyone. Its not that I forget but rather it’s the case of ‘remembering late’.
Lack of details compounded with my forgetfulness has been my enemy that has landed me in a situation where I suddenly find myself as if the whole world is conspiring against me. I seek no psychiatric treatment for the poster of smiley that hangs large in my bedroom wall with the words ‘don’t worry; be happy’ is enough to help me keep aging in happiness.

The reason I find, or should I say the reason often I fail to understand the world, is why people are so much occupied with small nitty-gritty affairs that turns out to be a reason good enough to keep them nothing but unhappy. And now that’s the other way of saying why people cannot stand people like me, or probably like you, who wants to simplify everything that comes across with the philosophy of “never take thing seriously”. This is where the funny part creeps in. The funny part of this self inflicted pain, and I think I have a valid reason to call it ‘self-inflicted ‘, is that people are often so saddened by the things which were never under their control in the first place. Now had it been something that could have been avoided but since attempts were not made in the first place I do not assume that qualifies to become a reason to feel hard done by. Just the other day, as I met an old physics professor of mine and sat with him over a coffee, he told me something that I found very inspiring. No intelligent guesses needed here as to find out what I would find inspiring for it’s been already explained, escaping unhappiness. What he told me was about the detailing people seek, the perfectionist approach that they want to adopt (even though they can’t help saying no one’s perfect in this imperfect world) that makes people unhappy.

From the table where we sat, just few meters a way there was a drinking water jar where people, at regular intervals, were drinking water and leaving. The whole scene was being keenly watched by this professor friend of mine. Till few years back he was just a professor and now he was a friend, it’s funny what time does. ‘Do you notice the “water regulation operation going on?”, so he asked. With no clue as to what he was taking about I just nodded my head displaying my unawareness. ‘I see everyone following a pretty lengthy operation out there, he said pointing to the people drinking water from the tap. ‘As they fill the water, they are constantly watching the water level rise, and at the same time monitoring the gap between the level and desired water level. As the water level rise, they are taking the decision as to when to slow the flow of water by adjusting the faucet before finally shutting it up to stop the flow.’ I was very much ‘enthralled’ by his detailing of what he had just described, something he had termed the ‘water regulation operation’.

From linear viewpoint that would not be anything else but just, I repeat just, filling up the water. And it was this very linearity that I could associate myself with, identify myself with. Detailing only makes things complicated and with it are the chances of generating complexities; leaving one with only one option, that of being unhappy. Just lay back, don’t think much, you will find a very simple yet beautiful life.

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  1. Um!if I start writing ..who is going to comment. ..poor writers will be heartbroken. Let’s not do that.

  2. Pawan alive again. Anil Sharma, good opiniion, Nisma, well hindi verse, why don’t you write an article here whole in hindi text? Hitesh, good jugement of daily lives.

  3. A statement from a skipper fits the title.
    Well, tip for you:
    “Adat ko bakt mae na badlo to jarurat banjate hye”

  4. It implies some where but not everywhere. Giving a detail attention is a good havit but have to have context and depend up on it.

    too much sugar spoil the tea but still you deserve have it or have it with out it the choice is yours.

    Nice details of “My indulgence with happiness”

  5. Hey, you know why they call ‘God is in the details’? because it is beautiful and all you need is guts to go through it.

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