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My Experience in Nepal Part V: Manakamana By: Mayank B.

On our way back from Pokhara, we stopped at Manakamana to catch a glimpse of the wonderful “city” over the mountains. The instant we got to the Manakamana Plaza with the Cable Cars, my childhood memories were brought back to me. I remembered going to Manakamana as a little kid, although I didn’t remember that much. As soon as we were there, I wanted to get on a Cable Car immediately and travel to the actual city of Manakamana. After waiting for an hour at the ground (the cable cars were closed for a lunch break), we finally boarded a Cable Car. I have to say that half the thrill of Manakamana is the Cable Car ride. It was really fantastic as we rose high over the Trishuli River and marveled at the green landscape and mountainous scenery. At the top, we got off and I was appalled by the complexity of the city on top of the mountain. As I walked around, I saw many hotels that put up signs stating things such as “Color TV” and “Hot Showers”. I was amazed that they were able to build a city that high up with only a dirt road and cable cars going up. There was no way to move cargo by car up to Manakamana either because there are no paved roads up there. After walking around the place for a bit, we went to the main attraction of Mankamana, the temple up there. After paying our respects at the temple, we stopped by a restaurant and enjoyed some delicious home style cooking. After stuffing ourselves with some good food, we took some pictures of the majestic views and relaxed until it was finally time to head down.
The trip back down was even more exciting than the trip up. On the cable car, we could see a big drop in height and I kept expecting the Cable car to rush down extremely fast but it didn’t obviously. On the way down, our cable car traveled through a cloud and it felt as if we were in a cloud, which was pretty awesome. We videoptaped most of the ride down. At the ground, I wanted to ride the cable car again (because it was probably the most enjoyable part of the trip). Eventually, we got in the car and headed back for Kathmandu.
Manakamana was one of my best experiences in Nepal. From the ride on the cable car, to the beautiful landscapes and scenery, Manakamana pretty much held most of Nepal’s best experiences. If I could, I would definitely go back there again! It was very fun indeed.

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  1. Hum… Cable car chadne rahar ma ta Manakamana Mai ko darshan garne ichha nai shadow ma paryo jesto cha ni.. Majankee. Ha.Ha. Glad that you enjoyed a lot riding cable car and I can feel the excitement you have had.

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