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My experience in Nepal: Part I – Transits, delays, and heat, oh my! By: Mayank B.

dscn0116.JPGLe Meriden in GokarndaThis summer, my family and I went to Nepal for the first time in 8 years. I had mixed feelings about going there. I wasn’t sure what my experience would be like, how the people would treat me and how dangerous it was there. On July 2, 2007 I woke up with a strange feeling in my gut. This was the last time I would wake up at home for a month. I moved all our suitcases and luggage downstairs and loaded them onto a friend’s car. We drove to Boston Logan Airport. After saying farewell to our friends, we checked in at the counter and got our boarding passes. After waiting in a security line for what felt like an hour, we finally got to our gate with no time to spare. You got in line to board our American Airlines flight JUST on time.

Unfortunately, we were stuck with terrible seats. First of all, we got the middle seats so I couldn’t look out the window. Second of all, we were at the very front of the Economy cabin, so we didn’t have any seats in front of us. This meant we had to pull the TV and food tray from the side. The plane ride wasn’t that bad however. I watched the movie Disturbia and had a good dinner of Mushroom Cream Chicken and Rice. After the 6 hour flight, we arrived in London Heathrow. I had heard that London Heathrow was the world’s biggest airport, so I expected good things. Let’s just say I was completely wrong. We were lucky however. Since our flight arrived at 6 AM, we didn’t have to wait in a long security line to transit (by the way, we had a 14 hour long transit in London). We had originally planned to take a tour around London during our long transit time. So to get to Immigration to try to get a UK Visa, we had to go past the security line back where we came from. After waiting in a 30 minute line, they DIDN’T give us a Visa. Why? 3 or 4 days before our arrival in London, there were terror threats and bombs around the area. So we had to go to the security line AGAIN, however this time, the line was MUCH longer now that more flights had arrived and it was about an hour long wait in the line. After waiting in transit for 12 hours (which felt like hell, because it was boring and there was nothing to do), we went to our flight gate to board Gulf Air. Unfortunately, the plane got delayed for another hour because of the lack of crew members. So we finally boarded the plane and we had great seats too. I watched Blades of Glory and had a delicious meal of Fish and Pasta.

We arrived in Muscat, Oman after a 7 hour flight. Boy was it HOT in Muscat. Muscat didn’t have ramp facilities so we had to take a bus (thankfully it was air conditioned) to the Terminal. The terminal smelled really bad. After getting our boarding passes, we got to our plane JUST in time (they were already calling our names on the PA). The temperature difference from the inside and outside was so great, my glasses fogged up. We rode the bus to our plane. The plane was a charter flight from Muscat to Manama, Bahrain. On the one hour flight that was half full, we were given yogurt and muffins. We arrived at Bahrain Airport.

Unfortunately, our plane wasn’t considered important enough to get a ramp directly to the terminal, so we took a bus in the intense Middle Eastern heat to the Terminal. The airport terminal was very nice however. There were nice shops, it was clean and very efficient overall. We went to our gate to board Gulf Air to Kathmandu. There, we met some Nepali friends from Boston that we knew and boarded the flight (in a ramp, yay).

The flight to Kathmandu was particularly boring. All the movies were movies I had already watched, it was only a 4 hour flight but it felt SO long. The bad food didn’t help either. They ran out of chicken meals so they gave us a gross vegetarian meal with really dry roti and rice. Eventually, we started descending to Kathmandu. Oh my, the view was magnificent. There were mountains everywhere out the window, and the scenery looked beautiful. I was kinda happy that we finally arrived SOMEWHERE after this long trip. When we stepped off the plane, I found it hard to breathe for a split second. I could tell the air quality in Kathmandu was very polluted and I felt awkward being in Nepal in such a long time.


0 thoughts on “My experience in Nepal: Part I – Transits, delays, and heat, oh my! By: Mayank B.

  1. I will write more, but I’m a Freshman and I’m busy with school. Not too busy tho. I’ll write more, give me time cuz I don’t wanna rush.

  2. 🙄 I know Mayank how you feel.. It happened to be too..In the beginning it feels like you are breathing dust particles.. Coz can see the dust in the air.. But after a week, its all normal…..

    Any don’t you write a bit more please????

  3. The air is hard to breathe (AT FIRST), but the country isn’t that bad. I really enjoyed myself there, more to come soon…

  4. Someone..no faking here. Dont be a hypocrite by saying u dont feel the difference in air. I have not been out of nepal and i still find hard to breathe here..coming from US I understand as to why Mayank might have found it difficult. You make occassional trips and hence u tend to like this place. Its only people like you who love this place, aayo dui char jana relative bhetyo masu bhat dankayo and back! Have guts to say you like the US and hate Nepal. Make no mistake, this place is turning to hell, albiet slowly!

  5. Stepping down the plane on the runway at TIA has always been one of the great moments for me whenever I go to Nepal with a feeling of “I am home”. Have never felt the difference in the air quality or what so ever. Any one who says they could not breathe or likes don’t deserve to be there. If it were some one who never had been to Nepal before, I would understand. But you were born there….7 years or 10 years overseas does not make you a foreigner.
    Good thing is you haven’t complained about anything beyond your airport experience but honestly when I read the title, I thought, oh here comes another so called foreign returnee………….complaining about life in Nepal.

  6. If you think air quality in Kathmandu is bad, you should go to Delhi or Calcutta. Whenever I arive Kathmandu spending a day or two in Delhi, I find it very clean and refreshing.

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