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My Belle lady

In the darkness of night

I am writing this poem

Memories of you

Only for you

My Belle lady

A  Dark shadow is ever where

You must be in dream world

Lost in whisper of love

While I am trying to  express you

 My belle lady

In the silence of night

 The ticking clock is moving

 Marking the darkness of night

  I am trying to recall your smile

  My belle lady

 As the night passes

A new hope comes

With every sun rise

To get you to see you

My belle lady

With your smile

With your memories

This night will come to end as every night

And I will be able to see you

Again and again

My belle lady

Who else is there?

A symbol of sunrise hope and happiness

Over comes darkness of night with smile

Except you

Everywhere is you

My belle lady

0 thoughts on “My Belle lady

  1. lekhney le nai bujhchha holaa ni ta

    kati bhyakhya garera lekheko chha….kehi nabujhey pani….dil se lekheko jasto chha la 😆

  2. O my boy, come sit beside me,
    i’ll tell you a story
    how a saint enchanted with her smile
    once wondered the deserted hill of Tuna
    you are just another soldier
    Only but preordained,
    Your faith doomed to wreck in murk

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