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Moving into the darkness

He opens his eyes to see his relatives, neighbors and all well-wishers surrounding him, welcoming his arrival. Gradually they teach him to stand up on his feet, then to move, then to walk and then finally to run. Everybody says “move on, move on you can win”. So, he moves and moves. Moving hurriedly he arrives at a place, very beautiful. Everybody there says, “ You got to this very marginal point and you get at the right time. You are the right planner, you prepared very well.” He receives so many wishes and supports. Oh, very nice now he is satisfied enough and wants to take a break.

Everyone in the surrounding are moving. All the people he met on the way are still moving and no one is willing to stop. He thinks “oh no I have to move or else I will miss all of them. All of them will win me. I have to move along.” Then he moves again in the same path without thinking any more. But, just for curiosity,he asks one neighboring mover, “where are you going?”. That person replied, “ I have to win that person. He is making very good progress”. He keeps an eye on that person and continues to move himself to keep up with. He sees that very person winning the targeted person bu not stopping rather moving faster and being in more hurry. He could not stop asking,” You won that person. Now, are you going to take a break?” He got reply, “Who? I never targeted that one, I targeted that one in the front line”. He knows that the person could not see the current target at the time he previously asked him that question. He ignores this and continues to move. During his movement, he met a person who makes movement that matches closely to his motion. They became closer (distance decreases as they move in similar way).

He asks, “Lets take rest, we have moved so long way”. The friend replies, “No way, we will be out dated. The world is moving and if we do not move we will be back.” And they continue moving. In the way, they meet so many like movers and become closer. They can not stop because others are moving and they are afraid of being missed by the fellow movers. They can not stop because they have to win someone else surrounding them or within themselves. They can not stop because they think that the world is moving and they need to keep up with it.

He is now little bit aware. He watches himself. He has crossed so much of length. He received so many admiration because they think that he made good motion. He received so many jealousy because few people could not keep up with his motion. He received so many threatenings and so many ill words because he could not keep up his motion as they expect. Now, he sees, he was better long ago than this time and he has reached no where, but just moving. He could see the world is moving but there is no relative motion between the world and himself irrespective of whether he makes movement or not. He could not stop because he is still afraid that he could miss his fellow movers and be out dated.

He asks one of his fellow movers, “Where are you moving to?” He got the answer, “ I do not have time to see this, I have to go ahead of that person”. Its OK you will go ahead but where is ahead, and just got the answer “ I just have to win that person, he is ahead of me and seems more excited than me. I want to be in that position”. He then continues to move for sometime but can not continue like that. He asks his next fellow, “ Why are you moving like this” and got the answer “ I have to make this today”. He asks again “what this?” and got the answer “Just this much in any circumstances”.

He realizes, we are just moving because we have to win someone who we do not know the direction and target of. We are moving because we can not miss someone that we met because we moved that way and met just because of that movement and got attached unknowingly. We are moving but do not know where exactly we are moving towards. We are moving but we are not moving at all. We assume that we have to move and move and do not have time to think, come outside and watch back to see ‘where exactly we are moving towards’. He realizes, he has to find some way to make this motion clear to everyone moving. He thinks of making this motion a relaxed and useful undertaking for some definite goal. He stops by and watches calmly the hurriedly moving crowed. And sees everyone moving and always horribly fighting for some win that does not happen or happens for nothing.

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