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Mountain Biking @ Shivapuri

Mountain Biking @ Shivapuri

Participants: PrashantaS, Pukar, ShreeyaS, AbisheshJ, NamrataP, AashishK, ShameshJ, ManindraJ, BikramLS, PrabinSu
Route: Cycling to Budhanilkantha, hiking/biking up Shivapuri, mountain biking down Shivapuri
Date: Saturday, January 12, 2008
Photographs: AbisheshJ
Report: AashishK
Caption: ShreeyaS

A little introductory note:
For people outside Nepal, the word “bike” normally refers to “bicycle”. In Nepal, however, the default meaning is “motorcycle”. The word “bike” in this text is used to mean “bicycle” as in “mountain bikes”. So – there.

It was a relatively novel activity: the idea seemed to have popped up out of the blue. It had been a while since most of us had been on a bike. All of a sudden, we found ourselves in Thamel on Friday in a place that rents mountain bikes. Very early the next morning, we were on our bikes and off towards Budhanilkantha. The ride to Budhanilkantha was pretty smooth – mostly plain, a few “little” ups and downs here and there – clear roads – all pretty “jolly”.

The road started getting more and more uphill from Budhanilkantha. Gradually we entered the off-road scene. Slowly but surely, the “cycling” turned into “hiking up Shivapuri with a mountain bike”. We managed to get up to the base of Nagi Gumba, taking turns cycling a bit and walking with our bikes a bit. That is when the fun part started – we would now be going downhill.

What took us almost a couple of hours to go up took us a mere fifteen minutes to come down on our bikes. The rough terrain proved just a bit challenging – if you went too fast, you were bound to crash somewhere, if you braked suddenly, you were bound to slip and fall – control was the name of the game. At the end of the day, all of us made it down without bruises (or not, I’m not sure).

In the end, it was new, it was fun, it was thrilling – and it was a great workout. We would definitely love to do it again some time.


01-Hit the Road!

02-Water Break

03-Abishesh and Shreeya making a pit-stop

04-Breakfast at Buddhanilkantha

05-Manindra Shares a Joke

06-Ecstatic Manindra

07-Fixing gears

08-Up the Off road trail


10-Which way leads to Nagi Gumba..hmm.

11-Now we know which way.

12- Now Up the Hill we hike with our bike

13- Making our way into the wilderness

14-Cycling.. aint that hard up the hill is it..

15-Doubt if he can do that.

16-Prashant is loving it..

17-Bikram too

18-Namrata through the wilderness

19-manindra cruising

20-Prabin’s short of air

21- Not quite for Prashant

22-Resting on our oars.. cycles

23-Relaxing before the off road downhillat the foothill of Nagi Gumba

24-Two people two different moods..

25-Basking in the sun..

26-Rejuvenating after a hard day’s work…

0 thoughts on “Mountain Biking @ Shivapuri

  1. This is a million dollar memory for all of who worked together. Thanks to those who motivated us to do things like this one on the top of regular corporate work.

  2. Just a piece of information:
    If you guys want to have more adventure on wheels, don’t miss to check-out recent issue of ECS Magazine, January 2008. Pg: 41. Get some handy tips on Mountain Biking and get a free ticket to cruse the nature of our Nepal. Certinly, mountain biking can be your chances to partake in one of the simplest joys of life and there are a zillion biking trails waiting, for all levels of experience, hatever your level are in.

  3. hehe.. thenku shutterbug for the compliment.. flattered.. “Strength of a Woman” hehe..

    well.. personally for me.. it was something i had been longing to do.. see how i can really confront my fears.. and glad i did it… i have.. well now had must say. this terrible terrible road fear… everytime i go behind the wheels (not as a pillion) and on the road.. i felt all the vehicles from all the crazy directions are going to hit me.. and i go berserk…. ‘dont hit me.. dont hit me.. ‘.. 😆

    and now that i really cycled on the road.. with some traffic and more than that came down the off-road… (though fallin twice and voila!! with no bruises !!) .. that’s some achievement for me.. 😛

    so guys when are we hitting the road again next ???

  4. Bravo to YELLOW CAP! Proving this “Strength of a Women”. Keep this adventurous spirit burning.

    So, guys which one is better ‘Hiking’ or ‘Mountain Biking’. And may I say ‘Royal Stag’ or ‘San Miguel’?

  5. Oh i really missed it…cyclin jane kasto thulo ichya thiyo but couldnt go 🙁

    photos are great !!!

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