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Mount Liberty Hiking –11/2/2008

Destination – Mt Liberty – 4,459 Feet, NH.
Participants – Chip, Chris, Tika, Ujwal, Purush, Ilona, Raju, Ishwar, Eyasha
The D2 Hiking has been started on 2007summer as a social activity of D2. Three hiking Mt Monadnock, Mt Adams and Mt Jefferson/Mt Washington were completed during that season. After a long gap, D2 hiking is resumed again with Chris’s initiation and done on last Sunday, November 2. In a short notice significant number of members from D2 and outside D2 replied. Ishwar and Eyasha were from outside D2. As we planned before, it was not possible to climb Mt Jefferson/Washington due to low temperature and wind. Therefore, we decided to make a hike on Mt Liberty. We reached to trailhead of Mt Liberty at 9:15AM after two hours driving from Boston. After suitable getup, we started hiking approximately at 9:30 AM. The Liberty Spring Trail was chosen which head up to Franconia Ridge Trail. We walked 2.9 mile and reached to the Franconia Ridge Trail. Using this trail, we climbed Mt Liberty which was 0.3 mile ahead from Franconia. Following the icy path we reached on top of Mt Liberty. It was sunny beautiful weather over there and temperature was approximately 20F. After spending 30-40 minutes there we started to come down. The path was icy but reached down all safely without any hurt. We followed the same way down and reached trailhead at 3:30 PM. It was about 8 miles hiking and completed in 6 hours.

01 color changes

02 all gathered

03 hiking class

04 artistic background

05 winter hiking

06 planning

07 29 miles far

08 tika in rays

09 chris and tika

10 used to be all green

11 chesse

12 going to past

13 how am i

14 ishwar

15 capturing the horizon

16 dress matchup with background

17 flying free

18 i am here

19 smily pose

20 chip

21 rest time

22 beautiful day

23 i am again

24 too cold

25 ilona is ready

26 position changed

27 mt lafayette

28 snow in mt washington

29 guess who

30 one

31 two

32 three

33 group photo on the top of mt liberty

34 icy way scary

35 be careful

36 mt liberty one mt lafaytte next time

37 next time again

38 descending

39 tika likes bridge

40 bridge again

41 hiking completed

42 see you next time bye

0 thoughts on “Mount Liberty Hiking –11/2/2008

  1. This is the first ever hike of me in the terrain of united states of America… it was an wonderful journey… i m passionate lover of hiking and travelling… All that reminds me of this New Hampshire terrain is the beautiful country roads of my home town and inspire to sing a song.. country road take me home.. to the place I belong….
    The hike was all of the Rocky mountain.. I dislike to hike in the rocks but eventually when we were on the top of the liberty.. suddenly there was surprise for me.. snows… beautiful hills.. well to say a fact .. I ll remember this hike as one of the surprising hike .. that will remain in the dairy of my mindset.

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