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Monsoon Way

Monsoon Way

454. Monsoon Way
Photo By: Asim Shrestha
Posted Date: 28th July 2010

This is what the Prithvi Highway (or almost every other highway) looks like in monsoon. With the highway as the main route for going in and out of the valley, travelers often have to face hours of blockage due to landslides caused by the heavy rainfall. Scenes as this is a common during the monsoon season.

6 thoughts on “Monsoon Way

  1. Dear Asim,

    It is without a doubt our sadness that it occurs every year and compel us to think before planning vacation in rainy season. Regrettably, We people do not have choice but to travel and get stuck in these muddy highway and wait for so long for mud clearance.

    Therefore, I avoid planning my vacation during this season unless have to travel on emergency.

    Your effort is highly appreciated to catch and post this photo. Keep it up.

  2. This is a ‘News Photo’ and good photo that any newspaper would love to publish right away. Here low perspective helps photographer to stress more on muddy on the highway. This is a good example of how photographer can create impact in her/his photos.

    Good work! AsimKeep it up.

  3. Good catch Asim. It is indeed our woe that recurs every year and compels us to think twice before planning a trip in this season. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have an option but to travel – and get stuck in these muddy highway.

    In picture POV, I liked the way you have shown the muddy road to take up most of the space – ending with a bulldozer.

    Thanks for Sharing.

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