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Monika Sharma’s US Visit

It’s the prospect of having a dream come true that makes life interesting. My life suddenly became more fascinating when I got a chance to visit US. I was thrilled, nervous at the same time as I knew, the upcoming 4 months would be one of the memorable events of my life. My colleague Prayash and I departed from Kathmandu on 30th August,2017 at 5 p.m. and reached Hamad International Airport, Qatar in no time. We had a 7 hours transit and I was already excited to see a new place. We spent out transit time roaming around for most and sleeping for the rest. At about 13 hours or so we reached New York, best place for anyone to defer. In no time, we reached Boston and there they were, Abanish and Saroj Dai to pick us up. I lived with Abanish Dai’s family for a week where everyone treated me as a part of their own and I am really grateful towards them. Then I moved into Ashay Dai’s house and lived there during my visit.

My visit was merely based on the office works. We had meetings almost every alternate day and stand ups to discuss the work matters. But I had my weekends to explore different places and roam around cities. Boston is known as highly cultured society and its culture is mainly originated from the various renowned universities like Harvard, MIT, Tufts. Few places I visited were these universities, a baseball game(Red Sox Vs.Blue Jays)at Fenway Park, USS Constitution Museum, Holocaust Memorial, Basketball Games (Boston Celtics Vs. Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics Vs. Utah Jazz) at TD Garden,The Freedom Trail and places following the trail.

The glamour of Boston Downtown, Prudential Tower and the fun I had with my colleagues while Ice Skating in Boston Common is worth remembering.

The glamour of Boston Downtown, Prudential Tower and the fun I had with my colleagues while Ice Skating in Boston Common is worth remembering.

My other destinations included “The Motor City” Detroit, MI, warmth and beauty of all places Miami and a destination to unite with friends, family and relatives, Texas.I also had a chance to visit “The Glamour of it all” New York with Deerwalk colleagues and saw all major attractions we could in our limited time like Central Park, Times Square, Empire State Building, Staten Island, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Skyline view from Rockefeller Center, a place you would like to go again and again. We also did a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada during a weekend with Evolent team mates where we roamed around the hotel casinos in the strip, had an amazing roller coaster ride. The nightlife of Vegas is what you would not like to miss, and we were lucky to experience it.

Memories are made when gathered around the table. We had Dashain Celebration Programme, also a Ladies Get Together/momo party in Rudra Dai, MunaVauju’s place. It was fun and would like to thank Rudra Dai and MunaVauju for their warm hospitality and support throughout the visit. Face painting during Halloween, thanksgiving get togethers, Christmas party are some good memories. Parties at the renowned B1 palace was never ending and fun to be a part of it.

Overall, the visit to the US was worth remembering. Everyone in the Lexington office are so friendly, so kind and energizing to not make us feel alone. I would like to mention my thanks to Ashay Dai and Ekta Vauju for treating me as a family member and making the home stay comfortable, Dave for his care and enjoyable nature that we had so much fun during the dinners. Many thanks to Sushant Dai, Mukta Di, Smriti di, Saroj Dai, Suresh Dai and all the Lexington Office members for helping out in need and tolerating the tantrums.

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