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Monika Sharma’s US Visit 2

Feb 27, 2018, an official trip to USA that I began with one of my colleague Dicchya di. This was my second trip while I was still engrossed in the memories of my first visit. Traveling with someone with the same purpose and same enthusiasm always invites planning and discussions of what’s next. Dicchya di and I completed our long, tiring flights and transits at Qatar and New York to Boston with all these conversations. The next day we were picked up by Abanish Dai along with our own Rudra Dai. We were dropped at the renowned B1 palace where we would be living with Anil dai and Pratik for next two months.

With all the familiar faces around and tasks ready for us, we started our work the very next day. It felt like we were back from a vacation, where we met our friends and family and now we are back to work. Office days were always similar with client calls, messages with work requests, discussions about the work process. There were times where everyone would go for a lunch and I stayed back at the office waiting for the touch base calls and updates. There were times where we would work and take calls from home as we could not go to office due to snow storms. But, with witty people around, all those hectic schedules and deadlines were as less of a burden.

Weekends were fun. It was for refreshments, tours, celebrations at times, gatherings and delights. At times when we had no plans, we did have one made instantly such as walking around, getting a shopping cart and spending way more time shopping, or just grabbing your favorite flavor of ice cream and have a whole lot of it. One gathering to remember was Zoey’s baby shower at Muna Vauju’s place. We played lots of games, took pictures and lots of had lot of fun chit chatting. A big Congratulations to Zoey and Trilok dai for their cute little baby boy and a thank you to Muna vauju for letting us be a part of it.
There had been a lot of planning to go somewhere out of Boston and finally, I had made my first road trip to The Niagara Falls with Manish dai, Saroj Dai, Anil dai, Dicchya di and Pratik. A cold weather post winter is not a good choice to go near water, but we still did. It was freezing and snow was all over the place but still the beauty of the fall remained. The fall illuminations during the dusk looked beautiful even if we could only see very less of it and it was worth it.

April was an even more exciting month for us. With Binita’s visit and a month’s stay left, we had a lot of work to complete and few weekends to enjoy. After all the calls and meetings with our clients so far, it was finally time to visit them. Dicchya di, Binita and I flew to Chicago where Bill welcomed us and made us feel at ease. We went to the office, met the Chicago team, worked there for a week, roamed around the city all evenings while we were there and had an amazing time to remember. With the month coming to an end, we decided to go on an another road trip with same folks and this time, we headed towards Atlantic City, also known as Mini Vegas. It was an amusing weekend roaming around late night to different hotels, exploring their beauty and the people all around the city.

No matter where we live or the lifestyle we adopt, the deep-rooted affection for our own people never fades away

There’s no doubt, everyone in the office and outside were so helpful and loving. No matter where we live or the lifestyle we adopt, the deep-rooted affection for our own people never fades away. A huge thank you to Rudra Dai, Pramod Dai and Milan Dai for this wonderful opportunity. Also, a big thank you to Manish dai, Bipul dai, Sagar dai, Saroj dai for their unconditional support and non-judgmental attitude towards us. I am also really grateful to all Deerwalk family out there for their love and care. It was a pleasure meeting you all and hope to see you soon.

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