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Pictures of Guheshwori and Pashupatinath

Mini-Mile Hike:
Participants :Kundan and Vishnu
Route : Guheshwori_Pashupati
Date : Sunday, Feb 24, 2008
Duration : 4 Hours
Distance : 2 kms
Photos & Caption : KundanK
Report : VishnuK
Creative Support : NishchalS
Kundan and I combined together and went nearby for a mild hike toward Guheshwori on last Sunday at around 11 AM; we parked the bike there and walked around Pashupatinath and Guheshwori area. The outing was placid and lasted for 2 hours but provided a chance to meet people of different taste and contemplation.
We started a walk from Guheshwori to Pashupatinath, we met a Yogi, devotee to Gorakhnath, who blessed us with boon that was prepared on the name of Gorakhnath while others second class of the same kinfolk were busy to puff up Marijuana and happy for the shot, asked us to publish in news paper but same time his friend opposed and warned us if we do so “we would commit a sin”, this confusion made us to leave them in their own world.

Next we saw a young Anil all the way from Bhaktapur, even in this tight circumstance for the conveyance, sitting quietly using his brush and paints to be precise and concise on his work, speech and action for sketching a temple on his paper.

On the down walk we encountered with Baba Deena Nath, from Kedarnath, who sleeps under the open skies besides burning logs believes that God can be found everywhere and helps us whenever we need support from mighty one. Because God reflects in conscience, favors, guidance so like. With this belief he is leading life in a same self-control manner since 20 years.

Sushil Poudel = Shankar, a Nepalese, brought up and lived in India, was a cook in Welcome Group for 5 years, his Chef Boss did not support and like him for which he discovered that a success in a modern world helps a man transform him into arrogance, with this reluctance he became Yogi and from the time he is living in a ways of where, why and when the time comes. A little further below we had a chat with a Loha Nandi Naga Baba who wears iron underwear since 45 years when he was 20 years of young. He did not match with social character and the nature of some known persons, had left village to wear a metal stuff and he torn nine of them already and leads his life happily with tenth one.

Nanda Kishore was a hardworking student 32 years ago. He used to work during night and went to college during day time for leading a self-made life but alas one nasty night a machine chopped his six fingers from both hands and ever since he put yellow-pink clothes on and leads a single and quiet life with less demand, who observes success of our 3 Ds world with mismanagement yet!

Your troubles and problems are yours, nobody else really cares. You know why? Because they all have their own problems. Certainly, theirs are more important to them than yours. And, conversely, nobody’s problems are quite as important or imperative to you as are your own.

These acquaintances were more than enough for us to justify once again the words from Harry Emerson Fosdick “We possess by nature the factors, out of which personality can be made to organize them into effective personal life is every man’s primary responsibility”.

01 Moonbeam

02 Process for listening to music

03 Sun rises

04 Ready for providing the rays

05 And begins to favor you

06 Pinky Petunia

07 Ancient window for sale

08 Without the green fingers

09 Generous pot shop_no fences and no guards

10 The smiley Rudra_ the art of local expertise

11Processional march for conquering PEACE!

12 The devotees watch the march

13 Lucky of Nasty

14 Main Entrance to Guheshwori

15 Property of Guheswhori

16 Guheswori Crown

17 Gorakhnath Temple

18 Midday Devotion

19 Gorakhnath Caretaker

20 Bom Bhole – Thank you for marijuana

21 Blissful Moment

22 Established for Memories

23 Anil from Bhaktapur

24 The son takes over from his father after serving for 50 years

25 Footprint of Badrinath

26 Laddoo Dev

27 Students from St. Xaviers

28 Deer in Mirgasthali Park

29 Guess what

30 Deena Nath Baba

31Regarded with admiration

32 They donot need mordern love

33 Pashupati

34 Rock Hiking

35 Visitors

36 Miss Basukala with her beloved

37 Shankar the ex-chef

38 The Terrorist Babas

39 And their home

40 Nandi Naga Baba

41With his Iron Underwear

42 Temples

43 Million Dollars Sleep

44 The Bhogis

45 Eleven Temple’s Doors

46 From Outside

47 Shiva Lingam

48 Peace March arrives to Pashupati

49 Nanda Kishore Yogi without 6 fingers

50 Some offer Some take

51 Regan, Joyash, Preeti

52 Cleanliness is Godliness

53 The golden Trident

54 Love Lord with his one of beloved

55 Boudha from distance_Shant and Shalin!

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  1. Hello Sir, your web pages is really intresting and informative to those peole who realise the value of the nature and altrustic attitude of the people. It will be ambrosial depictation in E-Space!!!

    Thank you very much

  2. jayagurudev,
    ur website is really very great and with very beautiful ficture specailly of nath yogies that live in mirgasthali kathmandu.can u sent me such figure of yogi mangal nath(disciple of bishnu nath yogi, main prist of gorakh mandir ) mirgastahali.
    it will be very precious gift for me.
    hope to get ur replay if u can.

  3. “Your troubles and problems are yours, nobody else really cares. You know why? ….” nicely said Vishnu dai …

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