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Mindful management

Mindfulness does not come from thinking, talking, or reading about it. We can write a book on mindfulness without ever being mindful. Mindfulness requires an ever going practice in real life. With great effort, when it comes, it comes for true benefit for the individual. Its always there for you to protect when you are with it. We cannot summarize the benefits of such an enormous topic in a small text like this. In this text I will try to extend some important points that I observed so far in management.

Managing is a complex topic in itself and cannot be generalized to few points. But, the fundamental aspects of every complex topics are a collection of few simple points. Among those points in management, dealing with complexity, update of team, unbiased and greater reach to the team are the key points. In each of these aspects mindfulness helps you out to become successful.

A mindful person does not try to linearize complexities by asserting fixed and hardened rules. He/she is always aware of what is going on in the present and what comes next. He/she always adopts to the changing need with new way of doing and managing things. He/she accepts and knows that “change is natural to management and we need to try to make least order possible to stop it from going too much chaotic”. Here knowing and believing are entirely different. Normally people believe but do not do/know. It simply does not work and you are no more mindful there.

Next is having update of the team. Normally, managers become redundant by asking the things to the team what they have already done. Or sometimes saying things that the team has already done. When a manager becomes obsolete and redundant or his words become obsolete, he is no more a manager rather a burden to the team. A mindful person is well aware of what’s important and what’s going on around in his duty. So, its natural that he is always seeing thoroughly from the present to the very close future, always aware of the environment at hand.

To get a greater reach, you need to feel the team, the goal and the work at hand. Most importantly, individuals have their own world and their own perception of the external world. You need to respect this capacity. A mindful manager always puts good attitude towards a coordinated goal. In his absence, the team members feel like their manager is around them, in his unbiased decision, positive attitude, and mindful movement,  and are always moving towards a single coordinated track.

To become unbiased is not easy job especially when you have to be unbiased towards yourself. A mindful person looses the love for favor for the self and learns to live unconditional and unaffected by the change in situation. He/she loves the right and towards a right. And also learns to observe the situation with mindful vision. In short term the decision may not be in his/her favor but is definitely so in long term.

Being a good manger is a great challenge, being a mindful person is even greater challenge. But, when we continue to be mindful that is most probably the greatest thing we can achieve.

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