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Milestones at Everest Base Camp

Milestones at Everest
200. Milestones at Everest Base Camp
Photo By: RudraP

Setting Milestones is not an easy task, one just needs to have a passion. It took seven days of strenuous trekking for us to capture the panoramic view of Everest Base Camp. Everest base camp is at 5,364 m and has more than 300 tents behind. It was tough, but leading the team and excelling is an outstanding achievement.

We get to learn a lot by travelling. Over there people work much harder than we do and they love their work. They carry 80 KG of load on their back from Lukla ( 2,840 M) and Base Camp and they do it every day to earn a piece of bread for their loved ones. Hats Off to those hardworkers.

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