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Miles to go……..

233. Miles to go……
Photo By: tempoandato
Posted Date: 14th July

The fear of destitution leaves no alternative than to work for children like her.Even under harsh conditions,she continues to work.The pain in her eyes is beyond measure nevertheless there is no exhibition of despondency.

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-LIN Editor

0 thoughts on “Miles to go……..

  1. A harsh reality faced by many children of rural Nepal. Looking at the photo, it’s hard to imagine a pleasant ending and what hit me most is an intimidating expression on girl’s face which also signifies the notorious side of photographer’s job. Sometime it’s too painful to take pictures of people whose destiny has been all robbed.

    I guess everyone has in mind of this famous picture of an emaciated Sudanese girl and Vulture stalking behind waiting for her to die so that it can devour. Kevin Carter who won Pulitzer Prize in 1994 for this picture, later committed suicide. Reason for this tragic end is the trauma triggered by public’s concern over Photographer’s ethics and accusation on Kevin being an observor and not getting involved to assist the girl. After taking the picture and neither Kevin, nor the New York Times, which first published the photo on 26 March 1993, knew what happened to this Sudanese girl.

    Well this is no doubt a scanned picture and I wonder its authenticity. While scanning the picture, Photographer should have scanned it properly (see the bottom of this picture). I guess, LIN’s Editor has every right to crop any contributor’s badly scanned picture.

    And it would be nice if every picture’s description do mentioned the name of the place where it was taken. This will also help LIN Editor to verify its authenticity. One of the few important skills of a good photographer is to be able to write good caption for his/her pictures. So, why don’t you make this rule a mandatory?

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