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Migration Plan and Working Abroad

It seems like it is a dream of Nepali to go abroad. There’s a trend of migration of village people to city and from city to abroad. It seems a normal flow. When I rumble in my past, I still remember only few were heard to go abroad. Many were happy staying in own country. But time has changed, people are trying to go abroad, no matter where. Every year the number of participates of DV Lottery is increasing. And hard to say I was one of them. Actually this was my second time of filling up the DV Lottery. What was in my mind? I don’t know may be I was moving with the flow. The flow of youngster.

I love to travel. Travelling is my passion. I have taken part in many such small expeditions. The places I visited has different aroma in it. The mountain ranges, the green hills, and fresh air aha the heart filled with love and respect. But the lack in those areas is the Youth. Villages are full of old and child only. May be everyone was trying to change their luck by leaving the birth place and pouring their strength in the foreign countries.

Why to talk only about the villages, the trend in city area is also same. When I count my remaining friends, I found myself standing alone in the crowd. 90% of my friends have gone abroad. And all had same reason- higher studies, money, stability, blha blha. So why am I here? Don’t I want some for myself too? I think I do. So what am I going to do by going abroad? The same answer comes in my mind also Study, Stability, and Self Sustainability. But would I return to my home country after pursuing my goal. A big question strikes me. And again I remember words of my friends. “Sure I’ll return, we have to develop this nation, we have to learn and pour our knowledge for the benefit of our mother land, etc etc “. It has been long 6-7 years since I have heard those thoughts. May be they are still acquiring knowledge, self-sustaining. I have also seen some people returning back, trying to utilize their strength, working out with the system.

So what’s the matter? Why to go abroad? What’s the plan for the future? Many, many questions arise in this small head. Many might have asked similar questions to themselves, to their friends. Though the question is simple enough but there is a huge diversity of the answers.

EU experimented the same with their audience with couple of common answers. The question was fairly simple enough. What comes in our mind when it comes to the migration plan? With only 4 choices it seems quite uneasy. But to sum up whole scenario, with 140 participants 39% was in favor of working abroad and returning back to the home town. 26% wants to migrate forever to the western countries. 22% wants to go abroad for education and return back. And only 13% wants to stay and serve home country.

I don’t know if these percentages are justifiable. Human are adoptive and can adopt in any environment. The same person voting for staying in own country might get DV and never look back, and the person voting for migration might fade up and return back. Who knows?

Any way the main point is no matter what is our choice, how we behave, what are our thoughts, without the strength of all we are nothing. If we won’t act now this country will be full of handicapped, olds and children only. Like a baby without mother, like land without water.



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  1. Pawan is correct with sense of being a true Nepali. Nepal has no income source, no good future, and no security.Thousands of brains have perished and many more hundreds od thousands will doomed if they think abt their country.Only the politicians can live freely but not securely. Security is always a mess in Nepal. Robbery, dacoits, Lotters, killers are at large. More jobless, homeless, drug addicts, and gangsterism on rise is destroying the essence of living. If you want to live, migrate, never return.

  2. Another way for you to get more perspective on this topic would be to run the same survey across those Nepalese student and professional who are already living abroad (permantely and temorarily). When i look at those numbers.. it just doesnt justify itself to me. I see these perspective from a person who migrated abroad for higher studies and a professional career.

  3. For most of Nepalese (about 85% of them) think “Stay and Serve Country” is really bad option. About 39% of them think they are sort of “International Labor”. Just make quick buck and return home. No learning, no pissing. For 22%, education abroad is all they need, dont care if that is going make some buck or not.

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