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Mentors Club (MC) Report 2014

Mentors Club (MC) was divided into two teams for the year 2014 to better meet the objectives of selecting best candidates and providing valuable training to employees. The first team, led by Sumira and assisted by Ranjan, shortlisted applicants, conducted tests and coordinated interviews for interns and trainees. The second team, led by Suvash and assisted by Abhinav, coordinated various training for Deerwalk employees.

In 2014, MC conducted 8 internship tests which was taken by a total of 320 students. Out of that, Deerwalk provided internship/traineeship opportunity to 44 candidates. MC conducted a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and coordinated training as per below:

Date Topic Trainer Attendees Count
Jun 24, 2014 Elasticsearch Basics Lekh Nath Bhusal, Solution Architect 105
Jul 23, 2014 Social Responsibility Rabindra Mishra, Chief Editor of BBC Nepali Service and Founder of Help Nepal Network 79
Aug 20, 2014 JavaScript and jQuery (Basics) Ishwor Sapkota, Senior Software Engineer 77
Sept 4, 2014 JavaScript and jQuery (Advanced) Ishwor Sapkota, Senior Software Engineer 39
Sept 10, 2014 Patterns and Concepts to Overcome Programming Hurdles in Test Driven Development (TDD) Sushant Pokharel, Solution Architect 28

Mentors Club (MC) comprised of the following members in the year 2014:

Suvash Shah Thakuri Suvash Shah Thakuri
Abhinav Regmi Abhinav Regmi
Sumira Shrestha Sumira Shrestha
Executive Member
Ranjan Gyawali Ranjan Gyawali
Executive Member
Biswas Lohani Biswas Lohani
Immediate Past President

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