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Mentors Club (MC) 2013

Mentors Club (MC) was formed in the month of December 2012 with the goal of mentoring new hires and assisting the HR department in the selection of the best interns and trainees.

In 2013, Deerwalk offered internship to 48 students from 20 different colleges. In addition, 18 trainees were taken. MC coordinated tests and interviews for them. Mentors club also initiated and coordinated the company wide HIPAA Assessment Test the responsibility of which has since been handed over to the QA unit.

Mentors Club (MC) comprised of the following members in the year 2013:

Biswas Lohani Biswas Lohani
Suvash Shah Thakuri Suvash Shah Thakuri
Executive Member
Shrijana Tandukar Shrijana Tandukar
Executive Member
Ashay Thakur Ashay Thakur
Former Executive Member
Bijay Shrestha Bijay Shrestha
Former Vice President
Saroj Dhakal Saroj Dhakal
Former President

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