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Matya : In the name of Loved ones

403. Matya : In the name of Loved ones
Photo by: Ujjwal Bajracharya
Posted Date: 10th September 2009

A Newar Festival… celebrated just after the Gai Jatra was observed this year in Patan. I was lucky to be back just in time to see this… In this festival, people who have lost their family members or relatives, participate and walk to all the four Ashok pillars located in different part of Patan. They print the photos of their loved ones and offer it to different gods and goddesses on the way to these four pillars. They start their journey early in the morning and keep walking the whole day. This time, it started from Haugal, near Patan Durbar Square. People wearing joker dresses and others also participated. They walk, joke and dance the whole day….. It’s one of the many wonderful cultures we have in Nepal.

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