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19 thoughts on “Martian Dust Devil Trails

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  2. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again!

  3. Awesome post. I’m a regular visitor of your website and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the excellent site. I will be a frequent visitor for a really long time.

  4. Awesome post. I’m a normal visitor of your blog and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the excellent site. I’ll be a frequent visitor for a really long time.

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  6. You just need to jump beyond your current capacity. We know you are not getting anything by helping with EU. You try leap frog above current status level so you understand picture itself would reveal all as you wrote sometimes back ,” A picture is worth thousand words” copying from Chinese Proverb.
    so, the current picture here reveals that it is somewhat frightful, devilishness, and somewhat unnatural to earthly adobe.

  7. Dear Sangharsha!
    Thank you for the clarification and making people aware that ‘Top Blogger’s’ list error was not because of Shutterbug.

    Dear ShutterBugfanBugFound!
    As you said, “We Found Bug on You”! “WE” FOUND BUG ON YOU?????, I am curious to know is that comment made by a bunch of people? And do they all find bug on Shutterbug? I smell something fishy here.

    I think comments made by other commentators on this post can simply tell whether the photo caption of this post is a ‘ simple dictionary meaning’ or not.

    Anyway, thank you for the admiration you have for my contribution here in EU and for your suggestion on ‘improving’ my knowledge on stellar objects photography. By the way, don’t think Shutterbug take any privilege out of all those contributions he made for EU.

  8. Hi again,

    The top bloggers’s list is now fully functional.

    Heretic, thanks for sharing the feeling. Your name was not ‘taken off the “Top Bloggers” list to make room for Shutterbug’. It was merely a app issue (which is now resolved).
    Thanks Shutterbug as well.

  9. Hi Heretic,

    I admit there is a problem in the top bloggers’ list in EU. The true top-5-bloggers-list is:

    1. Heretic (63)
    2. Shutterbug (56)
    3. Binaya Neupane (40)
    4. EverestUncensored Correspondent (38)
    5. Lava Kafle & Rajendra Keshari Pandey (37)

    My apologies for the inconvenience. This was not at all intentional. I’ll resolve the issue and share the news with all very soon.

  10. There is a saying,”Two experts on opposite sides of the world or universe can normally solve a tough problem faster together than any one of them can with a non-expert right next to them.”. So no problems all are experts in EU and we must admire everybody’s thoughts, feelings ideology, and generosity.

  11. The first impression of this pic to me is a wonderful tattoo on the human body. But got to know good and new things beyond the earth thanks for the pic “B & B” and for all these commented descriptions.

  12. Dear Shutterbug, You need to see beyond the Architect, the Oracle. We Found Bug on You: We always admired you and admire you for your contribution to Everestuncensored, no question. But this time you missed simple dictionary meaning of the photo Title : martian=mars, belonging to mars, DUST=Stellar Dust, not like that we see in kathmandu valley, DEVIL=some evil parapsychic, Spiritual, evil looking, extra powerful, look at pictures clearly, and trails means hiking path of the devil on Mars dust, Path, way, seen by the powerful force that roamed upon mars.
    So, A picture is worth 10000000 words and it needs no Description that you sought.
    you do not need to correlate link to NASA.
    But you can improve yourself by knowing about stellar objects photography, not just mere, humans on earth or those which only human animals insects can see.

  13. Dear Heretic,
    To seek or to demand some text (photo description) along with the photo (that is not easy to read) is not being ignorant I guess. I agree putting links is a good idea to share more information on any post but it not a good idea to post a picture here in EU Blog and make EU viewers to go other web to get its information. Besides I don’t see any reason why not to include small text (why author want to share this picture here in EU) if it facilitates EU viewers to understand the post more appropriately. Putting little effort to write few words won’t degrade the post and its worth, instead it helps more viewers to view it knowledgeably.

    Regarding your condemn of ‘Heretic’ was taken off the “Top Bloggers” list to make room for Shutterbug, even I have no idea how it happens. EU Admin (who is responsible) can answer why is that or how come. Heretic! You have every right to put forward this dissatisfaction to EU Admin.

  14. The picture had a clear link to the source which I was able to click and go to the original site and read about the picture. Furthermore, I could also see some other amazing pictures there. So thank you, Bhaskar. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the way this has been presented.

    Shutterbug and EUZilla, with all due respect, are being somewhat ignorant in this regard, in my opinion. But maybe I am just pissed because my name was taken off the “Top Bloggers” list to make room for Shutterbug.

  15. It is just the best picture one could fathom beyond vision of narrow bounded earth. It is the Picture beyond time we could experience. One needs inner compassion, study of Stellar Objects to understand this picture. It says about the Devils who walk on Mars, clean up its egos, and Leave complex mysterious equations to be solved by humans on earth.
    Mars is the destroyer of all Evils traditionally, and Devil’s trail on it makes it waker force among other planetary bodies hehehe..
    There is a book on man and Women from being Mars and Venus but reside on Earth..I forgot the Writer’s name though.
    So, Mars is the place of our origin.
    This Picture helps us move out of time bound CTC Closed Time Like Curves that prevent us from moving into History or Into the Future.

  16. I agree with euzilla. Picture without sufficient info to satisfy viewer’s curiosities makes this post a puzzle. This picture is very abstract and no description even makes it more abstract.

    It would be nice if Bhaskar N Bhattrai could write small description about this picture. What is ‘Martian Dust Devil Trails’ ? Looks like a dessert and must be a satellite picture. Lots of curiosities.

  17. @euzilla: Check out: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap091021.html

    From the same page:
    “Explanation: Who’s been marking up Mars? This portion of a recent high-resolution picture from the HiRISE camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows twisting dark trails criss-crossing light colored terrain on the martian surface. Newly formed trails like these had presented researchers with a tantalizing martian mystery but are now known to be the work of miniature wind vortices known to occur on the red planet – martian dust devils. Such spinning columns of rising air heated by the warm surface are also common in dry and desert areas on planet Earth. Typically lasting only a few minutes, dust devils become visible as they pick up loose red-colored dust leaving the darker and heavier sand beneath intact. On Mars, dust devils can be up to 8 kilometers high. Dust devils have been credited with unexpected cleanings of mars rover solar panels.

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