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Maoists strike in the valley : Some Glimpses

Protesting the government decision to appoint ambassadors in more than a dozen countries and office bearers at the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), the Maoists have called strike in the capital from 10 am to 4 pm in the capital Tuesday.
Wedding 644.jpg
Maoists protest in front of the Narayanhiti Royal palace. The armed Police squad and Mahendra statue in the foreground are of greater significance.

The Maoists strike has disrupted the vehicular movement in the capital, affecting the office goers. Once the Maoists decision came into media, the traffic movement was getting thinner even from the early morning. The six hour long strike during office hours is supposed to affect the works at all the governmental and non governmental offices.

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The traffic in the major market places was getting thinner even before the strike began. A view of Jamal in the picture taken some minutes before ten.

The Cadres of the Maoists’ sisterly wings are demonstrating in various parts of the capital; obstructing roads at various segments. A group obstructed the King’s way immediately their declared strike began at 10 am. There are reports that such obstructions are put in other major road segments as well.

Wedding 648.jpg
Maoists force the shops at King’s way to shut. They also put obstructions on the road.

The government on Monday had decided to appoint ambassadors in 14 countries and Chief Commissioner and three commissioners at National Human Rights Commission. Name of those persons will be sent to the respected countries for agreemo after the Parliamentary Special Committee completes hearing and gives clearance.
The recommended names are: Sailaja Acharya for India, Tanka Karki for China, Dr. Suresh Chalise for United States, Surya Kiran Gurung for Russia, Bhagirath Basnet for United Kingdom, Surya Nath Mishra for Qatar, Dr. Ganesh Yonjan for Japan, Nabin Prakash Jung Shah for Thailand, Bala Bahadur Kunwar for Pakistan, Pramesh Hamal for Belgium, Hamid Ansari for Saudi Arabia, Pradip Khatiwada for Bangladesh and Gun Laxmi Sharma for Myanmar. Dr. Dinesh Bhattarai has been recommended for the permanent mission to Geneva.

Wedding 632.jpg
Armed Police squad deployed ‘quell’ the protest

The government also decided to appoint former Chief Justice and Chairman of the 1990 constitution draft Committee Bishwa Nath Upadhya as Chief Commissioner and Gauri Pradhan and Dr. Lila Pathak as Commissioners at the NHRC.

Protesting the government decision, the Maoists said such “unilateral” action by the government could seriously affect the ongoing peace process. The Maoists have also said the decisions as gross violation of the agreements reached between two sides so far.

The Maoists have been continuing pressure politics since the peace process began some six months back. They have been frequently staging protests in the capital as well as other parts of the country. Still, there is good reason for the Maoists to justify their cause what the hurry was to make those appointments at the time when the Maoists are ready to join the interim government.

Wedding 634.jpg
The other side view at Jamal

Wedding 642.jpg
The Maoists obstructing traffic movement at Jamal

Wedding 641.jpgA traffic Police Personnel persuading a taxi drver to get back because there is Maoists obstruction some metres ahead

Wedding 635.jpg
From Revolution to calmness: Did the Maoists really love peace? So why there is calm in Kathmadnu streets

Wedding 649.jpg
No Entry: The King’s way after the Maoists put obstructions

(All pics: Indra Dhoj Kshetri)

0 thoughts on “Maoists strike in the valley : Some Glimpses

  1. Maoists has shown there intention, they will not hesitate to leave the camp and intimidate the people. They don’t know or don’t want to know what a single day’s strike cost to national economy. I don’t think they know anything about the national economy beyond extorsion.

    I really doubt that they are committed to the peace process, they merely using the ‘peace’ to achieve their murderous goal.

  2. News showed that they displayed weapons coming out of their camps..like Palestainens Hamas do in gaza Strip..The mentality to harass Nepalese has not changed..Let us pray that peace will prevail..otherwise..it can be costly affair for 11 year insurgency of maoists..that claimed so many lives. WE have basic human right to movement in our country and work. They also are taking Policemen out of the Police Stations in cold.

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