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Maoists quit government and announced mass meeting

Today Sep 18, 2007 meeting with eight party and Maoist with Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koriala at Baluwatar was held.
Koirala rejected Maoist two demands as announcement of republic before the polls and proportional representation based election. Due to this all Maoist ministers – Dev Gurung, Hisila Yami, Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Khadga Biswokarma has submitted their resignation letters to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koriala.

Maoists have informed they will go nationwide protest from today and called mass meeting at Khulla Munch. Maoist chairman Prachanda was not there due to his health problems.

Now what will happen to Nepal? Do we again have to tolerate all those banda and julush?

Though I was afraid to take shots, I managed to capture some mass meeting glance as follows:

Packed with crowd

View at Ratnapark

Entrance to the Khulla Munch where Mass meeting was ongoing.

More Clear view from the Gate.

The center brain of the Mass Meeting.

 Attendees of the Mass Meeting

Though Prachanda was absent his photo was there…

Maoist Leaders

Refreshment during hot time.

Ranipokhari has already seen many changes and revolutions.

While returning took on shot of Narayan Hiti Palace.

0 thoughts on “Maoists quit government and announced mass meeting

  1. No one here looks committed for the country.

    Why is the king an issue, if maoist are asking for removing the king before CA remove him, if Girija is asking for CA to eliminate the monarchy why has Prachanda an objection? Eitherway King has to go.

    Answer is simple: they both wants to get popularity for the CA election by making king an issue. If maoist removes monarchy before CA elections they will earn the must needed popularity for the CA on the other hand Girija don’t want to give maoist a chance by removing king before CA.

    Prachanda ji, tapaile das barsa patience garnu bhayo arko 4 miana aru garidinusna. Girija babu : ke bho ta king lai bholi bida garnu cha ajjai kina na garne.

    Hamro neta haru ko dictionary ma polite ra request bhanne word nei chaina.

    What maoist has acheived from their 10 years of struggle is vandalism. So, it is time for the people to wake up and decide what action to take against the king, girija and prachanda. I don’t see a king an issue here I see Prachanda, Girija and King an issue here.

    These three are three pillars of ‘worst’ in Nepal.

    Prachanda sign of Vandalism
    King I am the Nation, people here are my Slave.
    Girija – Who cares, I must have all the powers.

  2. Let us hope it is the beginning of the end for the Baader-Meinhof complex. Are’nt you tired of all this that has been going on? When are the real educated and responsible people of Nepal going to wake up and really take over? Do we always have to listen to these goons? We know what stuff they are made of. Hey buddy, we know why they came off the guv, but why so near the CA? Was’nt it them who came up with the CA polls in the first place? What’s going on?

  3. Maoists quit govt in hope to replace Girija under pressure from a regional power and want to place him with Sher Bhahadur in hope to make superpower happy(and so hope “get rid of terrorist” tag). It has nothing to do with “get rid of monarchy” as someone above think.

  4. Hats off to the Maoists. This is the first party which quit the goverment and came to street in Nepal. Traditionally, Nepali poliitcal parties cling to the power like leaches. They had no choice as Girija was treating them like his own party workers – no respect. As Baburam says, “We were invited at around 8:30 this morning. We saw that Kumbhakarna was half asleep. We held talks for around 10-15 minutes. Then Kumbhakarna fell asleep again.” You do not invite opposition leaders and do not show up in time. That is not acceptable. We need to forget the past and deal with the present scenario. They are responsible for weakening the monarchy; it would not have been possible without the the Maoists movement. Girija is a Mandale. Get the fact people!

  5. Polarization in play. People may have been murdered under the King’s leadership, but Maoists killed indiscriminately. We, the Nepali people, gave Maoists a chance to prove themselves. They didn’t win a contest to have been accepted in mainstream politics. The King, at least, gave up power. The maoists continue their past activities. I’m not a monarchy supporter, by the way – let’s not polarize Nepali thinking between Maoists, Madhes, Royalists, SPA, etc.

    The Maoists initially thought that they had won, would collaborate with the SPA, conduct CA and form a majority to make a personalized constitution (extreme leftist kind). Soon they were shocked at the Terai issue and various rising factions. We, the Nepali people, know that the Maoists strength was only their military and leadership. The Maoists know that we know this. Naturally, they are scared of the isolation. They quit government to presumably create a mass uprising – like jana andolan II – either by hook (what the photos show) or by crook (the YCL equation and their past legacy). The Maoists cause is centered on the politics of hatred for all those who live well. They must have held deep grudges against such people from early childhood. They grew up with this grudge turning into people obsessed with communism. They are not flexible. Just try reading the body language of early Prachanda and Baburam. These guys are intellectuals and have now changed their demeanor. Read the body language of the YCL chief ‘Pun’ – there’s hatred there. There’s a war in his head – a war that says ‘I’m the one – all that I don’t like are feudalists’.

    The Maoists are suffering from Vanity (self love), Ideological imprisonment (stubbornness) and Fear psychosis (fear of invisible elements).

    The maoists ways of solving problems:

    Can’t get others to agree, so silence them by beating and/or killing, whichever is effective
    Society should run under their principles, developed by intuition. “Falano must have committed crime. Beat him up right there and then. Justice served.
    If they are caught, call a bandh and ask government to apologize for their crime of catching criminals.
    All social evils are feudalism. But, comrades, what are your social, economic, and political policies. How will you make Nepal new Nepal? ………………(no answer)
    Their politics is lip service, just as with SPA + guns and bombs – that is how they get noticed.
    They don’t adher to the peace process, but blame others and the international community
    They are those who have – from childhood – hated people who lived well regardless of whether those who lived well earned it through hard work. The epitome of their hatred has been – over the years – focused on monarchy. (I’m not a monarchy supporter, by the way)
    Add myriad bad adjectives here – beware, the list can be endless.

    Ok, let’s imagine Maoists in power.

    The concept of Mandales will be given a new beginning with YCL playing that role
    Society will be policed to make sure no dissidents rise.
    All property, economic rights and freedom will be scrapped. They will give some to their cadres and others to keep a certain percentage of the population quiet.
    If India builds a dam, they’re solution would be to blow it up. Then, they’ll justify it and blame the international community of planting the bomb there.
    Oh, but the comrades will want to spread communism (the political marijuana ). So, they’ll forget about the people and buy weapons.
    Soon, they’ll be toppled like Saddam or Slovadan.

    I see the lesser of three evils as SPA.

  6. Prabhu – I support only for the reason that he is trying to get rid of Monarchy ahead of CA. Who knows what happens after CA. Attack your enemies when they are weak and fragile. Do not wait till they recover and get re-energized. I am not a communist and Prachanda knows that his game is over. Only thing he wants to achieve out of the decade long struggle is “get rid of monarchy.” Girija is sayign international community will nto accept if you get rid of monarchy withiut CA body decision. That is crap. Even five year old does not believe so. International community does not support the murderer king except India. Usually, dictator are thrown out of the power by mass protest or by force; hardly, by any constitution means. Remember Sanskrit sloka “Kantake Naiba Kantakam.”

  7. Chanakya, there are several diplomatic way to go against king. If you think Prachanda is doing right then why you are writing here, go to the street and participate in Maoist program. I am curious what would you write if i ask to listout the points that support Prachanda’s current step.

  8. Khai k hune ho yo Desh ko…… aba ta bhagawan Pasupati Nath le pani Rakshya garna Gharo parla jasto cha……….

  9. What can we expect from the terroist other than deceiving people. Moist are the biggest loser first they cry for sambidhan sabha and golmech sammelan now when they saw that they can’t win in public poll they are shouting for republic before the polls and proportional representation based election. Akhir ma Nepali janta mahabharat ko duryopati vayeko cha kaurab le paye nangaucha, pandav le paye juwa ma harchan. No other choice than being a sacred goat.

  10. Machhiyo Machhiyo Thachiyoo… But there is no way out for Maoists as well. One day on the street another day for government’s stint. life goes on. if we went through those horrific and torrid times, we will go through these immature events as well.

  11. Maoists are looser. As Americans, they are still terrorist. It is time all Neplese unite and fight against Maoist activities.

  12. Great job nishal.where will nepal head to .Again we have to suffer of bandas and all…….lets protest against these protest …..

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