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0 thoughts on “Maoists Nepal Bandh – Day 3

  1. @Ranter:
    A pilots’ strike is completely different from forced closures of roads and businesses. Explain to me how causing this kind of disruption actually advances a political schedule.

    If you want to strike on your own, fine. But imposing your will on others by preventing people from driving or opening shops is your own little tyranny.

  2. Nepal Banda definitely sucks.
    I remember an old Nepali proverb, “Ghar jalepachi kharani ko ke dukha!”; having a chance to walk on (relatively) smoke free road due to Nepal banda is identical to that situation.
    Thanks Kris. I had Dijup and Bishwadeep with me for the walk & shoot trip from Minbhawan to Hattisar.

  3. Nice Shots Shangarsha.. Just get going… Nepal band is good. I think we will be able to see our history once again after couple of decades/centuries. Probably the Stone age again in nepal after ..hundred years…http://nepalbandh.com/

  4. sangharsha is revolution struggle for life so struggle with Bandh or ShutDown. If Bandh occurs for a few days or months or years even then it would not matter as Nepal is 300 years old in mentality, culture, religion, society, donations, social service, thinking pattern, understability, solvability, vision, helping disabled and weak, women power, stability, politics, nepalese poorness of mind, capital, investments, prospects, development, get together ness, organization, management, logic, description, natural resources, mines, infrastructure, friendliness, hospitality, haughtiness, naughtiness, literature, films, movies, revolt, army, police, beauraucracy, administration, government, democracy, replublic.
    therefore, cmon revolt, struggle sangharsha now, or, you will be left more than other 100 years, dont worry when there is Satet Bandh Closure in India, Indian States, or Europe, and once all flights were on closure for days even in United States of America US when Piltos were on general strike. It is people’s right, so use it.

  5. Economy collapse भएपछि चाहि के बन्द गर्ने होला ? अनि त्यो smookefree भएपनि बाटोमा प्रदुषण त उत्तिकै छ नि

  6. cant say i enjoyed the bandh… but surely thought of clicking some snaps while i hiked from home to office.
    on a different note, walking from home to office might be a good practice to remain healthy.. specially on the smoke free way 🙂

  7. Enjoyed 3 days nepal band…Do i have some other options?..so bro it seems you also enjoyed …….click and walk ..click and walk…

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