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Ravi Sharma


Maoist’s Indefinite Strike – Day II

Title Maoist’s Indefinite Strike 2067
Date May 03, 2010
Location Chabahil, New Baneshwor, Anamnagar, Putalisadak, Kamalpokhari
Photographers Ravi Sharma, Sangharsha Bhattarai
Captions Sangharsha Bhattarai

Despite an agreement among all political parties not to call strikes and bandhs, the CPN Maoist has once again called off a general strike for an infinite period. The intent is to throw off the ruling government led by Madhav Kumar Nepal. This strike comes at the verge of the Nepal Tourism Year 2011, when the country was expecting a lot of tourists.

The glimpses of what was seen on the road, and around Kathmandu on our walk on the second day of the Maoist’s Indefinite Strike 2067.

Please click on the image to see its large version.

0 thoughts on “Maoist’s Indefinite Strike – Day II

  1. Good work Ravi and Sangharsha. Definitely it’s time to be on the road whether you support, oppose or report. Hope to see you guys tomorrow there in Basantapur. Will be there.

  2. The pics are great But the scenes are pathetic.. Life has become no better than hell.

    Pic 40- Nice caption to go with.

  3. thanks all for appreciating the photos.
    we too hope that we would never get a chance to shoot these kind of scenes in the future.
    no doubt this is disgusting, even more when we have to bear this all.

  4. I AGREE..@Against Red

    BTW great effort guys….Loved these pics..
    27(Really tired),
    31(Unmanaged wires is very distracting) ,
    39,40(Lovely Night Shots)

  5. Lets pray, Ravi and Sangharsha will never again get a chance to snap awful circumstances like this…lets pray for peace and harmony…above all, lets pray for the conscience in nepalese people. Pictures are too perfect!

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