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Maoists Have Crossed the Rubicon !

Phew, what a week ! It has been more than a week of wrangling , heeing and hawing over the decision of whether to sack the chief of army staff Katuwal or not. Finally, the Maoist seems to have come to a decision. I have to admit – the decision to not back down from its earlier decision to sack Katuwal – did catch me by surprise. From a political pundit’s point of view this decision seems rash, stupid and even suicidal to some degree. But on the other hand, this decision also demonstrates what we already know of the Maoists leadership. That he has a steely resolve and determination. But then again I guess you could say that of any would-like-to-be dictators and dictatorial powers.

Could we correlate this moment to the time when Julius Ceaser crossed “the Rubicon” to dismiss Rome’s elected senate and declared himself “The Julius Ceasar”? All right, all right maybe not that dramatic but the latest Maoist decision is just another of the Maoist play which they know quite well – that of brinkmanship. Which – I guess – can be quite brave and stupid at the same time depending on how it plays out in the next few days. This decision can quite literally make or break the Maoists.

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