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Manish Man Singh’s US Visit

I was going to America for the first time in April 1, 2018 along with couple of friends from Deerwalk. After 2 days of long and sleepless journey we reached Boston at 4 PM, it was drizzling and weather was chilling cold for me. Abanish dai along with few other colleagues from Deerwalk were there to pick us up. They took us to Deerwalk office in Lexington and I went to meet Rudra dai in his office, he was happy to see us there. I thanked him for the opportunity to visit US. I was very tired and longing for a good night’s rest.

Following day was my first day at Lexington office. It was nice to see old friends from Kathmandu office along with friends from US office, it was a delight to have met them in person for the first time despite knowing them virtually through email, calls and chats. I had the opportunity to work in Lexington office and getting to know the work culture there. Time went by so quickly and the weekend was near and I had my plans to visit New York. Abanish dai was very helpful and was always there to guide us and we always followed his direction wherever we went to a new place.

Following day was my first day at Lexington office. It was nice to see old friends from Kathmandu office along with friends from US office

It was 4 hours of bus ride, we reached our destination; New York. Snowfall was predicted for the weekend, but we were very lucky that New York was away from snowfall and did not ruin our weekend. It was an awesome experience to see places like Statue of Liberty, Times Square, 911 Memorial, Empire State building and the Brooklyn Bridge were the highlights of New York visit.

Week 2 in Boston office and weather was ON and OFF. For a person coming from Kathmandu, it was a treat for the eyes to see such a pollution free place, greenery all around, very cold but pleasant weather and first time experiencing snowfall. As weekend was approaching, I was heading towards Houston, Texas to see my cousins. 5 hours of flight and there I was in Houston, it was a home away from home feeling to see my cousins. I had very limited time and lots of places to go and things to do. Visit to NASA, the Shooting range, Top Golf, The Aquarium and of course a good time with my family were the highlights of this visit.

Me and Bibek headed to Vegas for the weekend. It was midnight when we landed but the city was much alive with people walking down the street, wonderful architecture and the water show/dance in front of Hotel Bellagio was amazing to watch. The ride on the High Roller was an amazing experience where we got to see the full view of the city from 168 meters. Playing poker was another memorable moment, though I lost $200. The man-made infrastructure and the environment there was something to admire, no doubt, this is one of the best city I ever visited.

Last week! And it was time to pack my bags and go back to Nepal. It was a quite busy week going shopping for gifts for my folks back home and spending time with office friends, going out for a movie, team outing really kept us busy. This trip has been a great and a memorable one. Thanks to Suresh, Ashay, Abanish dai, Mukta didi and Sushant for picking us up daily to work and taking us around Boston. Not to forget, Muna Bhauju, who was very caring and for inviting us over for an awesome dinner, thank you Muna bhauju and Rudra Dai for such a wonderful time.

Overall, it was such a memorable visit to the US, until next time bye bye America, you were Awesome!!!

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