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Managing People and Their Performance


Human Resource Managment is probably the most complex yet important area in the management field. This is because every individual is unique and there is no pre-defined processes to manage the people. Again, managing people is important, because people are the key in any organization and anything beside human intelligence can be copied. 

While managing people, organizations forget the most important part – to value their employee. Unfortunatly, only few organizations in Nepal have HR department which actually listen to employee’s problems and try to resolve them. Other organizations think that they can hire anybody anytime. They use to have an attitude – ‘Gore gaye Kaale aucha’. Instead of having good HR system in place, they opt to spend money on other small things which most of the people really don’t care. Spending time on planning such things, they don’t have anybody to listen to their employees regarding their difficulties, interests and other important factors which could really affect the productivity. 

Human Resource Management is not just a performance appraisal. Instead, it starts from the very begining of the recruitment process to planning and designing of compensation package and rewarding system, and to conduct training and development process to retain people for organization’s own benefit.

65 thoughts on “Managing People and Their Performance

  1. Simply wanna remark on few general things, The website pattern is perfect, the content material is really excellent : D.

  2. Moving from one job to another after few years if you are not growing in the current job is a good thing. All of us should do so and should not treat the old company which employed us and taught many things as enemy. We all should be professional. It is not right to destructively criticize an old company or try to defame someone. This kind of behavior is very unprofessional. Let us grow up. Positve attitude helps us prosper and negative one destroys us.

  3. People do not become senior or indispensible just spending five years in a company. It is good for a company that people with several years of tenure but with no leadership skill and with bad attitude leave and new people get opportunity. It is not end of the world. Do not bring D2 into discussion as we are talking in general here and we do not care about D2. You seem to be a loser.

  4. Perfect – People win by avoiding mistakes, not by making them. For that, one should have very good vision and should also listen what others are saying. Again, it is not a matter of being perfectionists. It’s looser’s mentality to say ‘we are not perfect’. Winners always accept their mistakes and try to learn from them.

    One of the reasons for making mistake is ‘overconfidence’. That is the major reason for turnover in D2. Just like organizations don’t want to keep unproductive resources, senior people don’t like to stay in company which only makes promises.

    When senior people start leaving, it also affect the reputation of the organization. What kind of perception people will have about the organization, when they see the senior managers of D2 working for other companies? So, better think about the mistakes before showing the courage of making them. 🙂

  5. who is trying to be perfect in this imperfect world! perfectionists lose! those we have courage of doing mistakes win! people criticize winners – not losers!

  6. Not only ‘Favoritism’, D2 should also focus on getting rid of ‘ONE MAN SHOW’. There has been major turnover in D2 in last 3 months. Senior people left the company and are still leaving. It shows that L1B and stock option are not doing a trick.

    Somebody said – “People don’t leave their jobs, they leave their manager…”. – the only manager D2 has!

  7. Agree! “Human Resource Management is not just a performance appraisal”. D2 management should take this message positively to sustain in this competitive market. D2 management should not inspire “FAVORITISM” which is present in current D2 management. Right Guys ? what u say ?

  8. Everestuncensored and Milan are connected via D2Hawkeye thus i am quite positive that his main efforts is to covey short and sweet message to HR of D2hawkeye. Good write up and D2 management should take this message positively to sustain in this competitive market.

  9. There you go DUDE…..U hit the JACKPOT…Hope the message has been conveyed.. and they stop treating people like NON LIVING THINGS….

  10. Current D2 – I don’t see any reason why you are defending D2. I also don’t see any reference in the article to D2. Is this something like “Chor ko khutta kaat!”?

  11. D2 is an imperfect org like a lot others out there – still better than many that I have seen – good writeup though.

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