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Management in home – Workplace is to apply it

I am tired of reading many books and listening to different discussions on management. “What is management? What managers do?” like questions, are not significant to me. This is similar to Nepalese politicians trying to define “What is democracy and what is Lok Tantra?. There are many problems and issues that are making everything stagnant. Even the things are worsening every minute that you are very aware about and you are trying to define what our democratic system’s name is. Opps…I can just say that I would have fired those people if I were authorized to. At least we engineers talk more on Why and How questions. To be honest, what I learnt from life without caring about management is much more than what I studied about it. So, it is better to focus on how things can be made better. I believe management quality is an inherent capability to some extent but it is more driven from interest and learning from every incidents that you experience or see in life. I just recalled a real story of a 20 yrs old girl. Here it goes…

Her name was “Bebasthapika” (not her real name) – called as “Bebi” by love. She was from a high-class family in Katmandu. Her father was a top bureaucrat in Nepal and mother was in senior management position in one INGO. She was good looking and friendly too. Her parents never asked her to do any tasks other than her studies. One time, she had to stay in college hostel with friends. Because of the poor quality of food in canteen, her friends decided to cook food themselves. They helped Bebi to prepare food in the beginning. One Sunday, they asked her to prepare lunch on next Sunday without anyone’s help.

Bebi started thinking about next Sunday. She imagined it is just one week from today- how to prepare lunch that day? During whole day (even during class time), her mind was occupied with lots of questions like what are the things she needs to cook on coming Sunday. She was worried if she could not prepare good food. For whole week, she could not study good, did not complete assignments. She was just stressed but she never asked and watched closely how her friends prepare food and what stuffs they do shopping for kitchen. Weekend came, she went to food and vegetable shop, saw people buying many things and thought – “Oh my god – I have to buy so many things tomorrow”. She also worried about how I can carry so many heavy plastic bags with different stuffs in my hand alone. But she did not buy anything nor carefully noticed what are things people are buying. She was moving here and there with tomorrow’s lunch in mind. Her friends had noticed that Bebi was not calm as before but they could never imagine what was occupying her mind. Bebi could not sleep well on Saturday night but she told her friends that she was alright.

Ultimately – that day came. Bebi went for shopping early morning. She had to wait for some time until shops open. She bought many items, most of which were already in her kitchen. She started making food. She was worrying about the quantity of ingredients to use. She prepared food anyway. All of her friends sat together for lunch. When they started lunch, her friends appreciated Bebi’s work and enjoyed the lunch with fun. Bebi did not like the food. She thought it was really bad. She thought her friends are making fun of her and the food she prepared. She was very angry with her friends though they did not know what was going on. Bebi decided to leave the hostel and went to her home. She told whole story to her parents. Her parents were happy about what she learnt from hostel and asked her to go back to hostel life. Bebi came back to hostel, realized how inefficient she was, corrected her habits and enjoyed preparing dinners.

Now, Bebi is married and has 2 kids. She is a manager of “Credit and loans” department of one commercial bank in Katmandu. Now, she manages every work in her house and office. She teaches other people how to develop confidence to work more efficiently. When I see her nowadays, she still makes fun of reminding me about her hostel life. You can find every management terms in Bebi’s story: managing tasks, people, time, resources, stress, and learning from experience. Now, think of the incidents that happened in your past life, you will realize that you can avoid reading management books to efficiently manage your work and life. If you want to become business consultant to teach other people the definition of management, I still suggest you to go for management books.

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  1. Hey, who married that dumb little girl “Bebi?” She must be making slave out of that poor man. I would have never maaried such stupid girl who even could not figure it out how to prepare dinner at the age of 20 or so(?). I am not impressed. I do not know what management course I am supposed to learn here as I do not like uninteligent women.

    Yestai Ho

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